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A "client" pays the full amount of his or her trip to an illegal hawala money dealer, who holds the funds until the migrant arrives at the appropriate destination.
The 29-year-old money dealer was on the 91st floor of the World Trade Center's north tower when the hijacked jet ploughed into it.
Zahran said Lebanon had already introduced robust regulatory controls covering money dealers and hawala operators.
KYC covered entities: Banks, financial and lending institutions, money dealers, financial brokerage firms, leasing companies, mutual funds, insurance companies, real estate developers, promotion and sales companies, and high-value goods merchants
Beirut then created the BCC, whose duties focused on a close supervision of banks, financial institutions, money dealers, brokerage firms and leasing firms, precisely to prevent speculations and bankruptcies.
The PNG is a nonprofit organization composed of many of the country's top rare coin and paper money dealers.
The BCCL was established in 1967 to supervise banks, financial institutions, money dealers, brokerage firms and leasing companies in Lebanon.
Orange Money subscribers will soon be able to obtain Orange Money prepaid Visa cards from all Orange Money dealers.
A number of money dealers and investors have welcomed the council's decision saying it would organize the money exchange business and give a further boost to the investment and tourist activities benefiting more than four million people who come to the Kingdom for Umrah or Haj every year.
The other two were money dealers involved in vote fraud, Nazari said.
Money dealers have opined that without the intervention of the central bank, the value of the currency would have already increased substantially.
Jonglei chief of Security, Colonel Panchol Jokuch labeled the money dealers as enemies of peace and anti-economical development in Southern Sudan.
FIRST time home buyers are looking abroad, after being squeezed out by rising I UK prices, according to foreign money dealers Moneycorp.
And a judge rapped one of the world's biggest money dealers, Cantor Fitzgerald, for allowing their UK president to run his office by fear.
Some of the travel agents and illegal money dealers around the bazaar have Afghan partners and links in the Darra tribal area where fake documents could be found more easily.