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Summary: The Central Bank prohibited all commercial banks and financial institutions from dealing with unlicensed money dealers and money lenders.
A money dealer in Peshawar attributed the plunge in the Afghani to rumors that new currency notes being printed by the Afghan government would not only replace the Afghani, but that the Afghani would be demonetized at the same time.
The Hungarian money dealer explained: "If you have big currency fluctuations and sterling is an independent currency, it will then be more exposed.
PHOTO (color) A money dealer rises and sends hand signals at the Tokyo Foreign Exchange on Thursday morning.
by Talat Masood A Pakistani money dealer counts US dollar notes at a currency exchange in Islamabad on March 12, 2014.
Weekly news magazine Veja reported on Friday that a jailed black market money dealer, Alberto Youssef, told police and prosecutors that Rousseff and her predecessor, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, knew about an alleged bribery scheme at Petrobras thought to funnel cash to the Workers' Party and its allies.
The 29-year-old money dealer was on the 91st floor of the World Trade Center's north tower when the hijacked jet ploughed into it.
Hawala operations are restricted to licensed and supervised money dealers.
Next, India Today aired its expose of money dealers turning the nation's currency market into black literally for a fast buck.
com)-- Coin Marketplace, LLC has launched an online Numismatic Marketplace that caters to both serious Coin & Paper Money dealers as well as to the casual collector.
There is a major move versus foreign exchange money dealers, even against the legit ones, one banker said.
Beirut then created the BCC, whose duties focused on a close supervision of banks, financial institutions, money dealers, brokerage firms and leasing firms, precisely to prevent speculations and bankruptcies.
The BCCL was established in 1967 to supervise banks, financial institutions, money dealers, brokerage firms and leasing companies in Lebanon.
Orange Money subscribers will soon be able to obtain Orange Money prepaid Visa cards from all Orange Money dealers.
A number of money dealers and investors have welcomed the council's decision saying it would organize the money exchange business and give a further boost to the investment and tourist activities benefiting more than four million people who come to the Kingdom for Umrah or Haj every year.