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belt with a concealed section for holding money

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Arriving back at the beach after lunch, I opened my camera bag to get something out and discovered that the money belt was gone.
Following her shocking discovery of Tamwar's money belt in his room last night, her world has come crashing down around her - yet still she refuses to believe that the lad could have had anything to do with Tamwar's mugging.
EASTENDERS BBC1, 8pm AS Tamwar reports back to work in his new stab vest, Bianca is wondering why his stolen money belt has ended up under Liam's bed.
So there is no telling what colorful and unique combinations will figure in a money belt, necklace, collar, jacket or shawl, some of the things Torres' team makes.
The 52-year-old owner of the business was the apparent target of the robberies because he paid mushroom pickers in cash and was known to carry it in a money belt around his waist, according to a Lane County Sheriff's Office detective's April 17 sworn statement to obtain a search warrant in the case.
To prevent loss or theft of cash and credit cards, split between a hotel safe (or other hiding spot) and a money belt under clothes.
The former Tyne Wear Waste disposal officer allegedly took the plane after paying for it with a money belt full of toy money.
However, it's when Ian sacks her that Bianca really snaps and in desperation, attempts to steal a money belt.
During a conversation the woman stole cash and credit cards from a money belt around his waist.
It's from Purdy Gear and doubles as a money belt, with a hidden flap on the rear to stash your cash.
He said: "I'm delighted as I lost Money Belt, who was owned by JP, yesterday.
He said that so far this year's campaign has topped 8,000 boxes each filled with personal items, including a money belt, tooth brush, shampoo and a face towel.
They never struck me, just waved the gun, seemed to know about my hidden money belt, and then took all of my clothes.
A travel wallet, fanny pack, or money belt will keep photo ID, currency, and documents handy.