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give legal value to or establish as the legal tender of a country

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In these cases, an interest charge is not imposed on the deferred tax balance and, more important, monetizing the preferred stock does not require payment of the deferred tax.
is a hybrid development and marketing firm that is in the business of deploying and monetizing the new .
Root Markets operates the premier commodities exchange for trading and monetizing Internet-generated consumer leads.
The sophisticated yet simple and intuitive interface redefines the market for delivering and monetizing video on the internet.
We've built robust infrastructure that any site can use to encourage users to submit photos, and make them available for viewing and monetizing as close to instantly as is possible.
Multicast") is a leading provider of Internet broadcast products and services delivering a comprehensive platform for creating, managing, protecting, delivering, monetizing and measuring compelling online media content.
As a component-rich, enterprise platform, Opus includes: Opus AdCel[TM], the new patent-pending advertising overlay module; Opus Dashboard[TM], which provides administrative, screening and reporting tools for monitoring and monetizing content; mobile upload functionality; and other technologies for sharing, storing and managing digital content.
After two years of development, the company is disclosing its vision of the opportunities for monetizing peer-to-peer (P2P) networks and the beginnings of its plan to capitalize on these opportunities.
the leading service for distributing and monetizing original video content online, today announced that Comcast Interactive Capital and Turner Broadcasting have joined as new investors in its Series B funding round.
According to Revver, the leading service for distributing and monetizing original video content online and the only service that pays users for sharing videos virally across the Internet, the "Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment" has driven tremendous traffic to Revver.
the leading service for distributing and monetizing original video content, today announced the appointment of David Tenzer as the head of media partnerships.