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give legal value to or establish as the legal tender of a country

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Nexway is a leader that empowers companies to Monetize their business and connect them to the worldwide digital market.
They would be entitled to monetize 60 days of their maternity leave credits, subject to the following conditions:
Emmis will use Omny Studio's integration with Triton's Advertising Platform, Tap Podcast , to monetize its podcasts using dynamically inserted ads.
Written by Rhonda McAlister, "Execute for Your Vision and Monetize" is a dynamic resource that provides entrepreneurs with valuable lessons on how to monetize their gifts and talents.
Not all were so sure that IHOP would indeed monetize, however.
President, Benny Traub, says, "Our clients can now display ads and earn income with the most common revenue models such as pay per click, pay per lead and pay per sale, enabling them to monetize .
AMERICAN FORK, Utah -- Move Networks, the leader in Internet television services, today announced that it is launching an upgrade to its analytics and reporting tool, Move Monetize.
Southeastern Asset Management wants to monetize it and return it in the form of dividend or a share repurchase, which would help shareholders,'' Joe said.
MGI offers a complete end-to-end solution which enables content owners to publish, syndicate, monetize, and track their content no matter where it resides online.
Akamai also enables VideoEgg to easily add new partner sites while introducing additional ways to monetize digital assets on behalf of these publishers through the largest ad network for social media sites, the Eggnetwork.
The API also gives sites the flexibility to monetize the pages in the manner that best supports their business model.
Simultaneously, vSocial announced that its hosted MyBrand solution, which enables content creators to custom brand the look and feel of individual videos and monetize them via in-video advertising, is now wholly ad-supported.
Skyrider, developer of a new peer-to-peer (P2P) platform, today announced an innovative in-video advertising solution offering advertisers and content owners a means to distribute, track and monetize content on P2P networks.
Tools Enable Service Providers to Control, Monetize Subscriber Entitlements to Applications and Network Resources
With Extend's help, we're delivering transformative solutions that will enable retailers to monetize new digital media delivery options for entertainment content.