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a unit of money

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That happens only when the monetary unit employed by the economy is of known and stable value.
The ability people have to use the monetary unit to make such comparisons inter-temporally would be lost if the item used as money no longer served as the medium of exchange in the future.
The central bank circulated 18 billion afghanis in 2002 when the monetary unit was newly defined.
A "dollar" derives from the Spanish milled dollar, which was proposed as America's monetary unit by Thomas Jefferson, adopted as such by the Continental Congress, and then designated the standard of value in the Constitution (Article I, Section 9, Clause 1) and the Bill of Rights (the Seventh Amendment).
DURING the run up to the election, there has been much talk about the Euro, the monetary unit proposed for use throughout the European Union.
The euro is a new monetary unit that, second to the U.
Aetna needed a system with a global monetary unit capability to automate foreign account reconciliation.
Main Features:Variants will they be taken into account: yes Bidders must submit a fully compliant tender in tender documents (basic solution)They may also have, in accordance with Article 50 of the Code of procurement offer with variants, the latter should not undermine the requirements specifications benefits divided into lots: no Applications and bids will be written entirely in French and documents associated presentation monetary unit used, the Euro Award criteria: The most economically advantageous tender in terms of the criteria stated in the specifications (settlement consultation, invitation letter or descriptive document)
The key step is for major governments to agree not on a common currency but on a common monetary unit of account in which citizens can have confidence.
Bohm-Bawerk (1884) names six individual determinants of prices in his price theory: the number of units of the goods offered; the number of units of the good demanded; the intensity with which the potential seller values the good; the intensity with which the potential seller values the monetary unit (or good of exchange); the intensity with which the potential buyers value the good; and the intensity with which the potential buyers value the monetary unit (or good of exchange).
More than five out of ten directors could not name the currency of India, the rupee, nine did not know that the real is the Brazilian monetary unit, and 14 per cent believed vodka, rather than oil, is Russia's main product.
Chronologies show the evolution of each monetary unit, and orthographies summarize the commonly accepted English spelling of the unit names as well as known abbreviations and symbols.
The Kroon was a monetary unit of which European country?
Contract awarded for provision of report - monetary unit sampling method