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an autocracy governed by a monarch who usually inherits the authority

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The monarchy is something that needs to be there - I just feel it's very, very important - it's a form of stability and I hope to be able to continue that.
Kane, who scrawled on her hand "my oath is to the people" during the MSPs' swearing- in ceremony, said: "The monarchy has no place in the Parliament.
The appeals of monarchy for me are many -- there are the ties to history, community and culture.
A survey conducted to tie-in with the Queen's Golden Jubilee shows a massive 81 per cent of the country want to keep the monarchy.
Children merely repeat the views of the adults around them, especially when they do not seem to have learned anything about the Monarchy, nor the Government of the country, in school.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-13 March 2001-New calls to abandon Norwegian monarchy as royal wedding planned(C)1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
In the sixteenth-century absolute monarchy and the divine right of kings influenced the church.
Next time, perhaps we should consider a simpler alternative: hereditary monarchy.
To employ potential student interest in 18-year-old Prince William as an entry point in building an understanding of Britain's monarchy, its role in history, the nature of constitutional monarchy, and the arguments for and against the monarchy in today's democratic Britain.
His aim is to place the political institution of the monarchy as the key variable that explains the resilience or overthrow of monarchical regimes, not only among the Gulf states but also across the Middle East.
It addresses the issue of democratisation in the Middle Eastern monarchies, arguing that the prospects for the gradual emergence of constitutional monarchy are better than is often thought.
The monarchy was restored in Britain in 1660, when Charles II (son of Charles I) was crowned.
Monarchy has been the predominant form of governance throughout recorded history, and its hegemony extended well into the twentieth century.
In the benevolent monarchy the all-seeing, all-knowing government knows what the people need better than they do themselves, and therefore is more qualified to make decisions.
It doesn't matter that we've hooked up with a corrupt, brutal, and absolute monarchy.