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a belief in and advocacy of monarchy as a political system

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Paul Downes's Democracy, Revolution, and Monarchism in Early American Literature begins in Haiti, during the 1995 elections.
Political analysts are drawn more to matters of regime stability, liberal reform, and the governing logic of the "rentier state," but recent studies--notably, Herb's (1999) account of the institutional and ideological roots of monarchism in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf -- suggest that political science is now tackling a cultural domain ethnographers of the Arab world have ignored.
He critiques the theory of the rentier state and argues that we must put political institutions -- and specifically monarchism -- at the centre of any explanation of Gulf politics.
In any case, his Republicanism helped to blunt charges of elitism and monarchism of the sort hurled against John Adams that might otherwise have found a ripe target in the sometimes pompous Clinton.
This is necessary to empower the Prime Minister of the UK and the Taoiseach of Eire to agree further questions at a later date to decide between monarchism and republicanism and other sectional issues.
Because of their monarchism, militarism, and estatism Junkers of central Europe fare even worse than Southern planters in Bowman's comparativist polemic.
In short "intense statism" characterized regimes espousing both "Arab socialism" and "laissez-faire" monarchism in the 1970s.
Rose, Anti-Federalism From the Attack on Monarchism to Modern Localism, 85 Nw.
Neofascist in orientation, TFP blends monarchism, mysticism, and zealous devotion to the group's founder, Plinio Correa de Oliveira, with a rigid anti-communism and extreme anti-modernism.
Even among Irish groups in the United States O'Connell's constitutionalism and monarchism dampened enthusiasm.
The use of the word "prerogative," as Robert Scigliano has demonstrated was, among the founders, a term of derision, a political shaft intended to taint an opponent with the stench of monarchism (Scigliano 1989, 248).
From this point on, monarchism ceased to be a credible option for modern political thought.
He knows we don't acknowledge Monarchism in this house.
Monarchism was the more popular creed, and it may be that the exposure of Germany's moral wounds--the financial scandals of the inflationary years--contributed greatly to the strengthening of the disciplinarian side of the nation's character.
Especially in the US monarchy and monarchism during the 17th and 18th centuries have been much maligned, and political scientists and historians here endeavor to set the record straight.