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an autocracy governed by a monarch who usually inherits the authority

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If the monarchies concerned are considered, some are more conscious of their position than others, and have started a process which promises to save them: Morocco, Jordan, and some of the Gulf States.
This demonstrates the wisdom of the King of Morocco and the wisdom of monarchies in general.
But the vested interests of the Saudi family and its financial leverage alone do not explain why Arab monarchies tend to be more resilient to the current wave of protest heard all over the Arab world.
Pour les monarchies du Golfe, "l'option de l'union est une urgence" dans la conjoncture actuelle, a declare le prince Khalifa Ben Salmane Al-Khalifa dans un entretien publie par le quotidien saoudien Al-Riyadh.
Over many years msy countries have abolished their monarchies or their equivalents so by maintaining our dysfunctional monarchy we are living in the past.
Die Henshall-these, as it is known in Germany, demonstrated that absolute monarchies resembled limited monarchies with representative institutions more closely than they did the 'rogue' despotic monarchies of Denmark, Russia, and the Ottoman Empire.
Joseph Kechichian's new book, Power and Succession in Arab Monarchies: A Reference Guide, does not pander to either extreme; it is an excellent place to begin a search for a better understanding of what in the Western world is an anachronism, modern Arab monarchies.
He refutes the neo-Weberian argument that financial demands of warfare obliged monarchies to develop modern bureaucracies.
They are all modern constitutional monarchies in countries where the majority of the people of those nations have absolutely no intention of removing their monarchy because of the benefits they recognise they derive from it.
Russell Major defined Renaissance monarchies as neither feudal nor absolutist, but as a unique style of rule, neither more rational nor effective than medieval kingship.
I am part of that later generation, and one of a fair number of folk who would like to see a streamlining along the lines of Scandinavian monarchies.
As in the other nine European constitutional monarchies, real power in Britain lies with the elected Parliament, a body roughly equivalent to the U.
All the countries that appear to be the most forward-thinking have monarchies - Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Norway.
All in the Family: Absolutism, Revolution, and Democracy in the Middle Eastern Monarchies.
Although the book is derived from a comparative study of monarchism in Siam and Vietnam, there is no attempt to ask why the Vietnamese monarchy ended while the Siamese survived, or to situate the Vietnamese monarchy within the history of (Asian) monarchies in general.