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having the characteristics of or befitting or worthy of a monarch


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ruled by or having the supreme power resting with a monarch

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The author does not identify that the source for his title "image government" is a 1656 tract by a Fifth Monarchist until the last chapter, using it to explain how visual and literary rhetoric could disguise the constitutional governance of William III as traditionally monarchical.
An act of the monarchical papacy produced without serious consultation with the whole church, it showed scant regard for ecumenical implications.
But did Jesus reject once and for all a monarchical model for the church?
We advise the monarchical regime of Britain to respect the rights of its people by avoiding savage behaviors," Rapporteur of the parliament's Human Rights Commission Seyed Hossein Naqavi told FNA on Tuesday.
Highlighting ordinary people as agents of historical change, US historians look at the decline of feudal and monarchical powers, the normalization of Enlightenment ideas, and how groups and individuals negotiated and even opposed the homogenizing and bureaucratizing efforts of modern states.
Nepal held a monarchical ritual on Thursday to offer the first rice feeding for baby Prince Hridayendra.
But Sharpe's work is still marked by "revisionist" emphases: the downplaying of revolutionary change, the dominance of monarchical culture, the denial of a revolutionary ideology or republican culture that precipitated or even emerged from civil war.
In her view, early New England was characterized by a "Filmerian" world view usually associated with Sir Robert Filmer, the great English theorist of paternal and above all of monarchical power.
These parishioners were making an effort to democratize monarchical church structures.
On the US unilateral sanctions against Iran, he said such sanctions started since victory of the Islamic Revolution and fall of former Pahlavi monarchical regime and still continue.
The monarchical republic of early Modern England; essays in response to Patrick Collinson.
Allman's Jacobean Revenge Tragedy and the Politics of Virtue argues that the character configuration of revenge tragedy in the Jacobean period mirrors and contributes to the political debate over the nature of monarchical authority that was sparked by James I's power struggle with Parliament.
We may also be skeptical that aristocratic fondness for the arena was connected with political disillusionment and loss of dignitas as Rome moved from a republican to a monarchical form of government.
The second chapter, perhaps Knoppers's best, addresses "how the republic appropriated and revised monarchical forms of portraiture, panegyric, and ceremony" (31), shrewdly developing Cromwellian representation in its inevitable dialectic with images of Charles I.
Phelan in The People and the King: The Comunero Revolution in Colombia, 1781 (1978) argued that there were well understood, though unwritten, rules for negotiation between protesting subjects and the Spanish monarchical state.