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ruled by or having the supreme power resting with a monarch

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An individual with a monarchic style enjoys being engaged in activities that allow complete focus on one thing at a time; however,
It also seems clear, however, that the poetry was copied so fully into the York House Books because it was on that foundation that the production of the show was built; it was copied (and edited) at such length in the herald's record because a 'correct' record of the text maintains a 'memory' specifically of Henry's success within a history of monarchic rule and within a narrative chronicle of a stable realm.
La longue trajectoire de l'anthropologie beneficie en France d'une tradition pionniere materialisee, des la Monarchic de Juillet, avec la creation de la premiere chaire specialisee d'Anatomie et histoire naturelle de l'homme au Museum national d'histoire naturelle (1832) puis de la Societe ethnologique de Paris en 1839.
It is sometimes used to render in English other posts of temporary regent, acting for the absent monarchic head of state.
In this volume, the main thrust is on the media that conveyed and revealed the goals and ideals, monarchistic propaganda that saturated pre-revolutionary Russian media, and its interplay with the wider context of both Russian society and the myth-making machinery of the monarchic ideal itself.
On comprend dans ce contexte que la restauration des symboles de la royaute (figure centrale de l'heritage britannique du Canada comme monarchic constitutionnelle) et que 1'importance accordee a la guerre de 1812 (presentee comme un moment nevralgique de resistance concertee a 1'envahissement americain et de preservation de la specificite du pays) ne sont pas 1 expression de Taction bete d'un gouvernement debranche et aliene.
The Nicene Creed uses monarchic and juridical imagery to describe the end of time: Christ "will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and his kingdom will have no end.
You can support the Guide Dogs' Prince George on his monarchic mission to become a qualified guide dog by sponsoring the young puppy.
Protesters are divided between calls for reform within the monarchic systems, or their removal altogether.
The Iranian nation toppled the US-backed Pahlavi regime 34 years ago, ending 2,500 years of monarchic rule in the country.
For years, the Qaddafi regime effectively fuelled anti-Sufi sentiment in the country, publicly portraying Sufism as a heretical form of Islam and as a fossil of monarchic Libya that had no place in a "revolutionary" nation.
She offers a preliminary appraisal of those threads of continuity: a monarchic unity among the Hispanic residents on those three continents, Enlightenment figures who provided support structures for various political projects, and a common Hispanic cultural identity that contributed to the construction of national projects.
He shows how the Res Publica functioned (the Polish political system comprised elements of the republican and monarchic systems, but it eventually deteriorated into an oligarchical one), how it went into decline trying to preserve the privileges of free citizenry while neighboring countries opted for absolute rule, how its writers kept making the distinction between liberty (wolnosc) and anarchy (swawola), and how "clientelism" weakened the republic and made it a victim of "cannibalism" by its neighbors.
The kin-based political model of West Semitic cultures--versus the monarchic model of Mesopotamia and Egypt--he finally argues, provides the proper context for understanding this social-linguistic development.