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Synonyms for monad

(chemistry) an atom having a valence of one

a singular metaphysical entity from which material properties are said to derive


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(biology) a single-celled microorganism (especially a flagellate protozoan)

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39) Thus, in contrast to Berkeley's idealism, Leibnizian matter's phenomenal appearance results from the monads, which are real and outside the human mind, which itself is also a monad.
8) As far as it might appear from contemporary globalisation, a model of comparative literary study centred on Enlightenment philosophy, concentrating on the monad, provides a way of looking at contemporary literature as constituting a series of echoes or reverberations between individual texts, and of suggesting a way to consider each text as possessing the whole of literature, even as it is also a constituent part.
In the next section we recall some results about categorical tensors, focusing on how when tensors exist they induce a monad on the category V over which our ambient category C is enriched.
In addition to the Ray Charles recording, SRI Jazz is releasing other previously lost Monad gems by such blues and jazz greats as Albert King, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Bill Henderson, Joe Williams, Clark Terry, Dexter Gordon, The Count Basie Orchestra and numerous others.
Thus, these fundamental numbers of creation share the monad (source of all numbers), but then branch off into two separate progressions so as to resemble the Greek letter Lambda, if depicted visually.
She suggests that Gadda configures the body in three ways: through a self-consciously permeable male monad, a grotesque peasantry and a bourgeois femininity focused on maternity.
Rose, who is also artistic director of the Boston Modern Orchestra Project and the annual Monad nock Music Festival in New Hampshire, conducted Odyssey Opera's debut last month, a concert production of Wagner's Rienzi.
It is in effect the nexus between 'inner' and 'outer' phenomena akin to a Leibnizian monad only that it is not a unitary 'substance' as such.
At the premier of this new work, Monad - which brought together students and emerging artists to create a contemporary response to the original performance - the only outburst was the audience's riotous applause for the talent and athleticism shown by the young Scottish performers.
Martinez experienced similar difficulties in college and followed his brother to Seattle, where as a monad he still resides.
body, substance, monad, confessedly setting aside some otherwise central questions in other fields of Leibniz's interests like theodicy, necessity, logic, etc.
Monad Al-Awad, a gynecologist, will help pregnant women solve their health problems during the pilgrimage.
This blurring allows Harvey to suppose that each monad 'internalises everything there is' which is contrary to Leibniz's faith that God internalises the universe inside each of them at its creation.
Iranian people are happy with their leaders," Monad Omidvar, a 38-year-old farm laborer, told me as he played marbles with his friends beside the road near Mashhad.
The present semantic-ontological exposition centers around a further (or furthest possible) development of the theory of consciousness called "Reflexive Monism" (RM) - hereby referred to as the "Surjective Monad Theory of Reality" (SMTR).