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Synonyms for mommy

informal terms for a mother

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Mommy let her help in the kitchen sometimes; but Paula wanted to do much more.
Elmo wishes daddy never had to go away, but Elmo always talks about it with Elmo's mommy and daddy.
Sometimes my mommy has dark clouds inside her," Annie says.
Mommy had a sad look on her face and said, "Children, it just couldn't work.
Mommy and daddy bloggers provide incredibly supportive communities that help connect parents to others who are at the same point in their life, and we're thrilled that The Bump Mommy Blog Awards can bring recognition to all the helpful information and services they're sharing.
To raise money to support her wonderful efforts, Andrea has published a children's book, Mommy is Still Mommy: Cancer Can't Change That.
We go everywhere together and I cannot get to sleep without him, my mommy and I are so tired because we have hardly slept since he was taken.
Why Mommy Is a Democrat, available online at littledemocrats.
Honey, this is Mommy,'' said Christina Edwards, 36, of West Hills, drawing her son's face to her bosom.
The Mommy Myth: The Idealization of Motherhood and How It Has Undermined Women By Susan J.
Robbie and Christopher are worried because they do not know what they did to make Mommy mad.
This kind of behavior makes little boys want to act like Mommy and intimidates little girls into acting like Daddy.
It's his way of dealing with the separation from the Mommy imago, as well as the imminent and painful entry into the none-too-tender embrace of the big Other.
Before you say "Oh brother" and dismiss the contention as absurd, or excitedly incorporate the sentence into your mantra, consider this: Silverman points out in the December 1985 AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGIST that the positive impact of MOMMY AND I ARE ONE on behavior has been documented by a number of researchers for nearly 20 years, but only when the wordsare flashed on a screen so quickly that they are registered "subliminally," below the threshold of consciousness.