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Synonyms for momently

for an instant or moment


at any moment


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and the "tree" the eye is seeing is the being of the All, momently the I seeing Itself treeing
his mixture pervades The House of the Seven Gables from the first to the last page as the narrator balances opposites, noting, "This contrast, or intermingling of tragedy with mirth, happens daily, hourly, momently.
It is as if this precious light, Uniting me and him who looks at me, "Imaged the unsourced being, first and real, That gives our being momently, our seeing And what we see, knowing and what we know.
And from this chasm, with ceaseless turmoil seething, As if this earth in fast thick pants were breathing, A mighty fountain momently was forced Amid whose swift half-intermitted burst Huge fragments vaulted like rebounding hail.
Out of some subway scuttle, cell or loft / A bedlamite speeds to thy parapets, / Tilting there momently, shrill shirt ballooning, / A jest falls from the speechless caravan" (17-20).
TO: the throng momently increased/the innumerable varieties of figure/redoubled their gesticulations/they bowed profusedly/overwhelmed with confusion/two remarkable divisions/their voluminousness of wristband, with an air of excessive frankness/the loathsome and utterly lost leper/drunkards innumerable and indescribable/eyes hideously wild and red / the waver, the jostle, and the hum increased in a tenfold degree/the huge suburban temples / the momently increasing confusion
In them, she offers us, like many modern poets, a vision of the self-existent God who "grants / Existence momently, then gives himself/Again in drawing you in caritas" (Taken 14).
Key statement: A method of computing an energy loss generated in a viscoelastic material, including analyzing a dynamic behavior of a to-be-analyzed object composed of the viscoelastic material by a numerical analysis method; and computing the energy loss of the object momently when the object makes the dynamic behavior by a viscous component of the object.
43) For Trilling, it is a passage "which, when it is read by anyone who has anything to do with literature, should make the earth shake, although it does not; which should momently haunt our minds, although it does not" (BC 232).
Potter explains that his "dreadful crime" sank deep into his soul, "filling it momently with horrors from which I labored vainly to escape"; "the furies of remorse fastened on my heart" which "gave me no moment of repose" (185, 187).