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Synonyms for mom



Synonyms for mom

informal terms for a mother

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Bellingham Moms for Moms is one of 12 self-contained social networks under the Moms for Moms Communities umbrella.
Binkowska and Miller hope that one day every new Mom in Canada will start her journey with a bundle AND a box of joy.
Northfield (John Caul 2, mom Team) beat Rhinos (L Parr, mom J Seagraves) 2-1, Gt Crosby CPS (T McEver, B Williams) got past Crosby Stuart JFC by the same scoreline, and SWOY (Liam McNally, James Baker, mom Ryan Wallworth) drew 2-2 with Forefield Reds (Jake Wilson, Kieran Irons, mom Jack Williams).
In a ``Tots and Tonic'' segment examining the trend of so-called happy- hour play dates, she and a group of fellow moms merrily clinked wine glasses while their kids played in a nearby sandbox.
Bellflower seeds from sunny morns were more likely to sprout in the sun, and seeds from shady moms excelled in shade.
After more than a decade of organizing, MOM has succeeded in making parents' engagement a norm in the South Bronx, District 8.
When the opening titles come up and the lush strings of the orchestra play the Mom and Dad theme music, the first thing you see is a type crawl:
Dave Gleason, president of the Dallas chapter of Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, says some 90% of the calls he receives are from moms.
Of course, Mom loves Sister JoBeth and actually invited her to tea--twice
If we care so much about building strong families, why are we forcing single welfare moms to work full time?
2% MoM as opposed to flattish performance MoM in December 2015.
8220;Becoming a mom changes your life and the relationships in it.
Netherton Foxes (Declan Chadderton 4, mom Jonathan Barrow) beat Bootle (mom Daniel Curran, Craig Stewart) 4-2.
Contestants for the ``Hottest Mom in America'' show will be winnowed from winners of qualifying contests nationwide.