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Synonyms for mom



Synonyms for mom

informal terms for a mother

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MOMS Club also makes it a priority to reach out into their communities and serve those who are in need.
By taking care of marketing, technology, billing, and customer service, Creations by Mom allows creative moms to focus on what they love to do-creating custom handmade products.
Gorsey Boys (Joel Jackson 2, Dylan McGee 2, Michael Mooney, mom Sean Ennis) beat Fantail 5-0, as Kirkby Woodpeckers (Joe Ellison 2, mom Paul Naylor) drew 2-2 with Northfield (Francis Gandy, Joe Blundell, mom Jason Sumner).
A self-described party girl in the days before her daughter's birth, Wilder-Taylor said she hasn't been drunk once since becoming a mom.
So, as evolutionary biology goes, Mom has become a player.
With that, Mom carries one huckleberry pie while I take the others out to her Prius and we set off.
Kroger Babb, who billed himself as "America's Fearless Young Showman," ruled over a vast army of Mom and Dad "roadshow units" from his headquarters in Worthington, Ohio.
I think it's about time that someone drafts her to play poster mom for PFLAG.
Mom usually pretends not to notice our bickering, and today is no exception.
While taxpayers get a sense that they're not subsidizing laziness, CAP children get a parent who can play with them, prevent them from overdosing on Ninja Turtle cartoons (or anything else), and explain why the sky is blue; in short, they get a mom.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Moms are ideal candidates, and that's why Emerge America, the only national organization that recruits, trains and supports a powerful network for Democratic women candidates, launched the followhillaryslead.
Netherton Foxes (Declan Chadderton 4, mom Jonathan Barrow) beat Bootle (mom Daniel Curran, Craig Stewart) 4-2.
THE TAURUS MOM A Taurus mom is down-to-earth and practical, wrapped up in one tidy package.
Ellie wanted to drape tree lights around my shoulders for our grand finale, but Mom drew the line at electricity.