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Synonyms for molt

to cast off by a natural process

Synonyms for molt

periodic shedding of the cuticle in arthropods or the outer skin in reptiles

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For each successive molt, the intermolt period lengthened but the molt increment remained relatively constant (Table 4).
The molt stage of these females was determined based on morphological characteristics.
Interpretation of the timing of these movements requires elucidation of the pattern and timing of wing molt and resumption of flight.
Subsequently, a second study was conducted by using 5 penguins (2 from the previous study and 3 additional birds) outside of the molt season to assure that observed significant changes in hematologic parameters were not experimentally induced.
The genital openings of young males after the fourth molt are still closed.
For the five females wintering in Greenland, the distance between molt and winter sites averaged 1200 km (range: 1054-1370).
We scored birds undergoing active molt of flight feathers (including primary, secondary, or both) and birds undergoing molt of body feathers as absent, trace, light, medium, or heavy.
In this study, we identify more readily observed external features of the scorpion exoskeleton as the basis for distinguishing scorpion molts and carcasses.
Data analysis showed a significant reduction in BW during molt period (Table 2).
Aquarium observations suggest that streamer tag loss, either through tag-induced mortality or tag shedding, is related to the molt stage of the lobster at the time of tagging, and the molting event itself.
In warmer temperatures, their feeding leads to growth spurts, which cause them to molt.
Larvae develop through a series of metamorphic molt stages and reach maturity within a few months to 1 year, depending on climate.
The stage of parental molt reflects the trade-off between the resources allocated to current reproduction and the somatic maintenance of the parent (Siikamaki et al.
if extent of the first spring molt is unknown, or if plumage does not vary seasonally.
Autumnal molt begins on the top of the head and proceeds ventrally and caudally.