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far grander than [the] idea from cramped imagination that God created (warring against those very laws he established in all organic nature) the Rhinoceros of Java & Sumatra, that since the time of the Silurian he has made a long succession of vile molluscous animals.
seems to have propounded in some college discussion the theory that "the development of the human body might possibly be traced from the radiated, vermicular, molluscous and vertebrate organisms.
It is covered with shiny metal discs like scales or molluscous scrofula and it pays no attention at all to its surroundings (dim as those are, they surely deserve better than the amorphous blue intrusion).
On the structure of shells of molluscous and conchiferous animals, Trans.
Royle's contribution is not so much philosophical as in his ability to surprise, for example, to reread a debate with new historicism in terms of the inhuman, via Les Murray's molluscous poetry.