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Paired chaetae associated with spiral shells of the late Early Cambrian mollusc Pelagiella from the Kinzers Formation; taphonomy, functional morphology, and potential evolutionary relationships.
We would also expect that clam harvests occurred in the warmer seasons of the year, when organized work parties travelled by foot to estuaries on Shelter Island, or by canoe to prime mollusc beds in other locales in eastern Long Island.
This would add value to the product and to mollusc marketing, providing a good return on the initial investment.
When he arrived at the Natal Museum in 1969, the institution's mollusc collection comprised only about 9,000 catalogued lots--now contains nearly 150,000 catalogued lots.
Analysis of weight gain was determined by calculating % weight gain for each mollusc species and diet between the start of the study and wk 7.
The clam was among a haul of 3,000 empty shells and 34 live molluscs taken to the lab.
Last night a spokesman for the Environmental Health department said: "Paralytic and diarrhetic shellfish poisoning toxins are produced by algae and taken up into the food chain by filter feeding bivalve molluscs.
pdf) on the issue, (released last December), EFSA noted the continuing virulence of salmonella infections in the EU, with 176,395 reported cases in 2005 and testing revealing its presence in cooked crustaceans and molluscs and live bivalve molluscs.
I'm going to the Mollusc to see the new Frank Vickery drama, fancy coming?
David Farren, aged 68, of Yarningale Road, Willenhall, discovered a chunk of rock containing a bivalve mollusc in a friend's back garden at the end of June.
This is a most welcome, and timely, comprehensive treatise on freshwater mollusc ecology.
The condition of the mollusc population is generally inferred from age- and growth-related data of the investigated mollusc.
The most significant new elements in Davies's book are the updated section on mollusc ecology and habitat requirements, and the inclusion of two chapters dealing with floodplain and freshwater deposits.
EFSA said: "There is little information on the lowest dose of mollusc allergen that can cause a clinical reaction," adding that in one study with dried snail, "reactions were observed in the low hundred-mg range.
Out of the 8,000 two-shelled mollusc species in the world, fewer than 20 species produce pearls.