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The results of the application of the habitat diversity protocol at the sites defined for mollusc collections, indicated some type of anthropic alteration (Figure 2).
Bivalve mollusc exploitation in Mediterranean coastal communities: an historical approach.
Negative implications of climatic and nonclimatic pressures affecting both the mollusc sector and the associated local economies and societies comprise diverse issues.
Helcionellids as a mixture of modern mollusc and other lophotrochozoan character states
She added that the database, kept by the museum for molluscs, would help scientists and researchers in estimating the types of molluscs in the seas of the Sultanate.
Some studies have been published on determination of trace metals and contaminants in gastropod molluscs Patella caerulea from Iskenderun Bay (TA1/4rkmen et al.
it was this that also led to him participating in the Tropical Marine Mollusc Programme for the first time in 1997, paying further visits to india, Thailand and Vietnam.
Preliminary tests demonstrated greatly different rates of consumption by the different mollusc species evaluated, so I adjusted the number of animals tested per container to allow for measurable consumption without depletion of diet material during the evaluation period of 7 d.
Man is no better than a germ or a mollusc, they say.
The 14 types of marine mollusc which are discussed in the chapter were " .
The mollusc attaches itself to a rock or stone using its muscular foot.
Under the regulations, the total concentration of PSP toxins in the edible parts of the mollusc must not exceed 80 microgrammes per 100g of mollusc flesh.
Indeed mollusc allergenicity in general "is not reliably reduced by food processing" and the panel also noted "reports of increased allergenicity after heating".
How dare he have the gall to say that the Millennium Centre looks like a mollusc.