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Synonyms for mollification

a state of being appeased or ameliorated or tempered

the act of appeasing someone or causing someone to be more favorably inclined


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Murio, The Mollification Method and the Numerical Solution of Ill-Posed Problems, John Wiley & Sons, 1993.
But now young black folks are refusing alteration or the mollification of conformity and are simply demanding justice.
151) The mollification, naturally, would be directed towards secularists and anti-religionists, who have objected to State school chaplains named as such since the NSCP.
The mollification of the patriarch seemed complete as Modi and Advani beamed at each other for cameras gone wild.
One indirect benefit of advancing national ends through WTO litigation is the mollification of domestic anxiety in both the People's Republic and the United States.
This is also the approach adopted by the SADC Trade Protocol: The settlement of any dispute among Member States shall, whenever possible, imply removal of a measure not conforming with the provisions of this Protocol or causing mollification or impairment of such provision.
And so on, closing with, "All being more or less constipated by the mollification of their 'intestinum rectum,' because of their insane desire to become known as somebody among fools.
Critical theory exposes underlying values and ideologies so that the consumer is emancipated from the media's coercion or mollification.
The bank may represent a potential source of social mollification, but it too must come to terms with its own history, which reveals its embroilment with an inequitable legal system and its resulting responsibility for so many deaths.
A number of investigators have considered this topic and developed various methods including Quasi-reversibility [8], Tikhonov regularizations [9, 10], quasi-boundary-value method [11], Carleman estimate [12], mollification regularization [13], and Bakus-Gilbert method [14].
There is a critical aura about the volume that implies, or directly states, that Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention represents a "misunderstanding" and "Leftist" mollification of the real legacy of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz).
Phased implementation, adaptation with the exception of "core components," or some other token mollification is usually offered by advocates and those mandating model programs, but the model programs mandate is a declaration of epistemological war with no serious attempt to implement "government-to-government consultation" or to acquire a culturally competent understanding of AI/AN ways of knowing as they apply to behavioral health.
For this purpose we have to mollification and stock the ground and submergence the small bulbs in the soil in order that they superpose in the where about 2 centimeter depth under the soil.
To be fair to Metcalfe, he hasn't just got a flair for management-speak and mollification.