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small Peruvian evergreen with broad rounded head and slender pendant branches with attractive clusters of greenish flowers followed by clusters of rose-pink fruits

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ALICE used a tubular-aluminum frame, while MOLLE employs a new anatomically-contoured frame made with a plastic similar to that found in automobile bumpers.
For more than six decades, Molle Chevrolet has been a family owned and operated dealership serving customers throughout the Kansas City Metro Area.
Molle will be studying Dietetics at LSU and will be reporting in August for camp.
In a statement sent to Feedinfo News Service, the holding firm said the Bylling family is currently negotiating with several potential merge partners/buyers of Aller Molle A/S, but are currently "unable to indicate any final results of these negotiations".
Molle said she could not comment on a particular bank customer.
K is a compatible component of the US forces standard issue Molle (say "Mollie") system, accepts all Molle compatible pockets and is the current LCE for all riflemen with the 75th Ranger Regiment and many other US Special Forces units.
It devotes 25 pages to the region, and includes extensive information on other island resorts - Lady Elliott, Heron, Lizard, Dunk, Great Keppel, South Molle, etc.
Army Soldier Systems Center (Natick), the MOLLE is an Army and Marine Corps item that replaces the aging ALICE (all-purpose, lightweight, individual carrying equipment) pack and integrated individual fighting system introduced in 1988.
DAY 2: After sleeping on the floor of a wooden hut the athletes, bodies still aching from the previous day's torture, run along a ridge to Molle, at 11,656ft.
Army, the MOLLE system is made up of a variety of load carrying equipment including vests, pockets, backpacks and hydration systems, all of which are configurable for specific mission requirements.
The Bundeswehr SERPA Holster System includes the SERPA Auto Lock Holster, MOLLE Vest Platform, Tactical Thigh Platform and Quick Disconnect System.
Made in the USA of material selected for weight and resistance to environmental factors, Blue Force Gear has become the standard setter for MOLLE gear among military organizations around the World.
Topics include ritual drinking as a structural metaphor in a small Peruvian community since 1955; the ability of women to gain social and economic independence through brewing chicha in rural Bolivia; the role of drinking in the Inca political economy; chicha de molle as indicator of social rank and ethnicity among the Wari (AD 500-1000), and chicha as an expression of the tension between inequality and shared identity in the contemporary Ecuadarian Amazon and in the Moche culture of Peru's north coast (AD 100-700).
The contracts include various MOLLE compatible items, including both large and medium rucksacks, pockets, and pouches in the MultiCam[R] pattern, as well as medium rucksacks and Tactical Assault Panels (TAP) in universal camouflage.
The carrier also features rifle/pistol clips, MOLLE pouch add-ons, front admin pocket and adjustable waistband.