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a durable cotton fabric with a velvety nap

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Donning their most respectable and sensible outback attire--akubras, moleskins, flannelette shirts, sky-high wigs .
There are very few professional mole trappers operating nowadays but years ago moleskins were in great demand for the making of fur coats.
The world never stops moving on, and he has to move with it or he will vanish with the wedges, the moleskins, and the Notre Dame shift.
The tones will be found in lush but lightweight fabrics, from moleskins to featherweight tweeds and handknits.
The Crocodile Dundee mode - replete with bush hat, moleskins, shirt, and boots and derived in part from 1840s and 1850s goldfield prototypes - requires historical adjustment irrespective of its profitability for retail shops in Sydney and New York.