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a chemical formula based on analysis and molecular weight

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The mass spectra showed the molecular ion peak at m/z (318) which is in agreement with its molecular formula ([C.
The molecular formula of the compound was deduced to be [C.
The typical entry, titled according to international nonproprietary name, opens by listing chemical name, Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Code, major uses, Chemical Abstracts Service numbers, molecular formula (using the Hill System), and weight.
These results suggest some patients may respond better than others to dextran sulfate, whose molecular formula and concentration are critical, Resnick says.
Several new spreadsheet columns, including molecular formula and molecular masses
Many of the products listed in this section have comprehensive descriptions that include important details about the product, such as its synonyms, appearance, purity, and molecular formula and weight.
The molecular formula, solubility, physical character and TLC were determined.
CAS registry number, Merck index number, an illustration of the chemical structure, chemical and dye class, molecular formula and weight, color change at pH, pKa, physical form, solubility, melting point, UV-visibility, synthesis, major applications and safety/toxicity data.
The 'molecular weight calculator' allows you to enter the molecular formula of a compound, and keeps a running total of grow.
6 Isotope Patten Recognition on Molecular Formula Determination for Structural Identification of Impurities (Ming Gu).
Tenders are invited for Supply of cobal complex having molecular formula c30h21con12o12s6f18 (fk 102 co3+) equivalent to dyesol cat no.
Appendices cover such topics as absorption band charts, spectra-structure correlation, and indices for functional groups, alphanumeric order of compound name and molecular formula (carbon number).
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