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a chemical formula based on analysis and molecular weight

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1669 by HRMS revealing the molecular formula C16H24O4, indicating five degrees of unsaturation in the molecule.
The structure of the synthesized compound was characterized with GC-MS which gave the molecular ion peak at m/z=260, corresponding to molecular formula of the compound C14H16N2O3, as recorded in Table-3
However, the exact molecular structure behind the molecular formula and the mass detected can not always be determined.
ClickPress, Mon Sep 02 2013] Propionic acid is a three-carbon carboxylic acid with a molecular formula of CH3CH2COOH.
That scientific symbols such as X and Y chromosomes and molecular formula and texts are articulated in materials and in ways outside the norm, highlights their form.
The molecular formula of compound (2) was C30H52O and a DBE of six.
Indexes are by molecular formula, CAS Registry, pharmaceutical name, names of dyes and biological stains, and general names.
161, molecular formula C6H11NS2 and structural formula CH3 S[(C[H.
Anyone can easily search by CAS Registry Number or chemical name and confirm the substance details, such as the CAS Registry Number, chemical names or synonyms, molecular formula, chemical structure, and a reciprocal Wikipedia link when available," said Christine McCue, CAS vice president, Marketing.
The company's other new MS technologies include: the new SmartBeam MALDI ion funnel source, which allows improved imaging of drug metabolites at therapeutic levels; the NALDI-TOF (nanotechnology laser desorption ionization) for high-throughput molecular formula determination of small molecules; and the improved ETD II electron transfer dissociation technology (ETD) for its HCT Ultra ion trap LC/MS.
These capabilities include unique data-mining functionality based on powerful molecular feature extraction and molecular formula generation algorithms, facilitating the identification of compounds in complex mixtures.
In collaboration with the University of Shizuoka, the Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research, and NARD Institute, Suntory has confirmed that the two compounds are geometric isomers with the same molecular weight (500) and molecular formula (C28H3004N8).
Next, tocopherols do have stereoisomers, which have the same molecular formula but differ configurationally based on the direction of the methyl groups at chiral carbon atoms, the isomers are designated 2R, 4'R, 8'R; 2S, 4'R, 8'R; 2RS, 4'R, 8'R; 2R, 4'RS, 8'RS; 2S, 4'RS, 8'RS and rotate polarized light to varying degrees.
They went on to be eliminated from the national competition in a heartbreaking dispute over the molecular formula of cyclohexanol.
Amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) based on the generally considered molecular formula, [Ca.
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