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wedge formed by the curved part of a steel plow blade that turns the furrow

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To eliminate the need for continual ultrasonic inspections assessing the extent of cracks, Wear Pins installed directly in the bucket shell, blade moldboard or any liner component during manufacturing become visible when the steel has worn to a point at which operators should schedule maintenance or prepare for replacement.
The job of the coulter is to cut through trash and open the soil ahead of the moldboard, leaving a clean-cut furrow.
To apply differentiated primary tillage in grain crops of arable rotation on leached chernozem, where surface and shallow nonmoldboard soil cultivation to a depth of no more than 12 cm for annual grasses and cereal crops is alternated with deep plowing or moldboard tillage to the depth of 22-25 cm for arable crops
That way the blade can't dig into a ridge or other obstruction and cause extensive damage to the vehicle's blade, moldboard, ejector and hydraulic system.
8] There were paid attention in randomized complete block design with four replications for checking effect of four different tillage ways which is involved moldboard plow as a conventional way*moldboard plow and heavy disc* subsoiler and heavy disc and subsoiler and moldboard on some physical feature of soil* in a potato field with loam-sandy tissue.
Fourth are innovations extending life, including the moldboard plow, the green revolution, Archimedes' screw, penicillin, vaccination, and refrigeration.
The treatments including Minimum Tillage (MT), Conventional Cultivator (CC) and Moldboard Plow (MP) were laid out in a randomized complete block design.
had a moldboard plow or heavy disk oiled up and ready to go.
Motor Graders: Case motor graders are built with a powerful Tier-3 engine, rugged A-frame and moldboard design, industry-leading flip-up rear hood, best-in-class serviceability and outstanding visibility.
Results showed that, compared with conventional plow moldboard, the bionic plow moldboard could save the oil consumption to 5.
Tillage treatments in the study were moldboard plow + two passes of disk harrow (MDD) as conventional tillage method; moldboard plow + one pass of rotavator (MR), chisel plow + one pass of rotavator (CR) and two passes of disk harrow (DD) as reduced tillage methods; one pass of rotavator (R) and one pass of tine cultivator (C) as minimum tillage methods, and no-tillage (NT) as direct drilling method.
Previous experiments show a 14-percent increase in soil organic carbon in the sweep tillage system compared to the moldboard system.
The circle rotation is 120[degrees] and uses direct-acting hydraulic flow to reposition the moldboard under full load.
The range of tillage approaches varies from moldboard plowing to no-till.