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concentration measured by the number of moles of solute per liter of solution

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In order to analyse the effect of molarity and conductivity on the growth and the geometry of water treeing, initially NaCl solutions of 1M and 1.
of cubes, cylinders, and prism specimens were cast using GPC and the characteristic strength on 8 M, 10 M, 12 M, 14 M, and 16 M molarity specimens was tested.
Roy JL, McGill WB (2002) Assessing soil water repellency using the molarity of ethanol droplet (MED) test.
B = blank titre volume (mL); S = sample titre volume (mL); M = molarity of sodium thiosulphate used (M); W = weight of oil sample (g).
Similarly lower levels of micro minerals in serum cause failure of conception and embryonic death due to changes in molarity of oviductal fluid (Jain, 1994), which might be one of the possible factors for causing repeat breeding condition in cows.
This is probably the reason for the proliferation of categorization systems that identified different number of classes, as well as different levels of molarity.
In the case of the same molarity, puerarin shows weaker regulatory effects on osteoblastic OPG, RANKL and IL-6 expression as well as IL-6 promoter activation induced by PMA than those of [E.
Eluent volume in solid phase extraction study is important to achieve high enrichment factor so we selected the lowest quantitative volume and lower molarity.
This brings meaning to the magnitude of the number expressing molarity, in much the same way that people have a 'feel' for a length of one metre.
In this study, we form n-type copper (I) oxide (0) thin films by boiling copper electrodes in copper (II) sulfate (CuSO4) solutions of varying molarity.
The optimum conditions for the growth of mixed GdCaHM crystal is achieved by using the following parameters: molarity of gel ([Na.
Each 25 uL master mix consisted of a final molarity of 1 X reaction buffer, 1.
Successful retrieval depends upon factors like fixation time, temperature, pH and molarity of the solution.
incorrectly describes the molarity of the internal standard solution preparation for calibration as calculated from nanograms per deciliter (i.