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concentration measured by the number of moles of solute per liter of solution

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In 12 M, the solution gets good concentration compared with other molarities from the initial test results.
The comparison of molarities of the samples from 1 to 12 shows by Mann-Whitney test to have equal medians (P = 0.
The concentration of HMW metabolites was calculated as the sum of molarities of mono(2-ethyl-5- carboxypentyl) phthalate (MECPP), MCPP, mono(2-ethyl-5-hydroxyhexyl) phthalate (MEHHP), mono(2-ethyl- 5-oxohexyl) phthalate (MEOHP), MEHP, and mono-benzyl phthalate (MBzP).
We pooled the bar-coded libraries on the basis of equal molarities and generated templated beads for sequencing according to the manufacturer's protocols.
Effects of using various concentrations of cellulase, hemicellulase, and pectinase in differing molarities of mannitol or sorbitol were evaluated.
To 50 g of commercial cuttlefish ink were added 100 ml of HCl (in a range of molarities varying between 0, 0.
While it is clearly true that democracy as such necessarily demands the temporary organisation of 'molarities' for the purpose of taking collective decisions, the existing set of relationships between individuals and parties does not enable these molarities to emerge with sufficient intensity to effect major change: for example, despite the vehemence of anti-war opinion in the UK in 2003, the government was effectively at liberty to pursue the invasion of Iraq, safe in the knowledge that this intensity would disperse before the next general election.