molar concentration

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concentration measured by the number of moles of solute per liter of solution


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Even though there was an age effect for total and individual SCFA rumen molar concentration, there was no significant interaction of age and concentrate composition (p<0.
Table 1: Molar concentration and weight of constituent precursors along with the nomenclature of synthesized nanopowders Nomenclature Molar concentration Weight (g)/100 ml of DDW CNT DHP Ti[O.
o]) is the extrapolation of molar conductivity to the infinity dilution and is obtained from the drawing relationship between the square root of the molar concentration and conductivity and the point of intersection of the curve with the (y) axis represented it.
Results: The results showed that polydatin and resveratrol could mutually transform in vivo, the molar concentration of polydatin in serum was always averagely 3.
By making glasses of various molar concentrations of [Eu.
At 30 minutes after infusion the molar concentration of butyrate significantly increased (P less than 0.
sublingual) was the BPAG: BPA plasma molar concentration ratio.
Solving equations (1) and (2) simultaneously, the molar concentration of lycopene from equation (1) could be expressed as:
The molar conductivity, A, defined as the conductivity (in S/cm) divided by the molar concentration of the ion in the solution, is one parameter used to estimate the overall conductivity.
50] values (-log of the molar concentration of agonist to produce 50% of the maximal relaxation in contracted rings) were obtained from concentration-response curves.
5) SRM 2B was rigorously evaluated and assigned a molar concentration of 107 nmol/L upon reconstitution.
The molar concentration variation during the leak scenario in the vapor and liquid phases inside the cylinder are presented in Figure 3.
For the series of copolymers and blends, reaction mixtures were maintained at 50:50 thiol:ene molar ratios, and the molar concentration of each ene was varied for copolymer formulations.
eq] is the molar concentration of soluble fluorescein which gives the same value for the left side of Eq.