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concentration measured by the number of moles of solute per kilogram of solvent

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15 Fe 1 Table 2: Saturation index, molality and activity of different mineral phases in Geno hot spring.
The plots of variations of ultrasonic velocities of solutions of citric acid with molality are shown in the Figure 3.
0] is unit molality, m is molality of the solution, [phi] is the osmotic coefficient of the solution and [M.
Electromotive-force measurements of cells containing hydrochloric acid and Holmium chloride at constant total molality have been used to determine the variation of the logarithm of the activity coefficient of hydrochloric acid with change in the amount of Holmium chloride in the solution.
Like other direct-reading electrochemical biosensors (1), creatinine sensors respond to the molality of creatinine in the sample (amount of creatinine per unit mass of water).
at values of m sufficiently low to be useful in determining the standard potential by extrapolation to zero molality have been made by a number of investigators (2 to 16].
The relationship between the voltage and logarithm of molality of fluoride ion was first determined by making potential measurements on solutions containing potassium nitrate and potassium fluoride of known concentrations.