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(Hinduism) release from the cycle of rebirth

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Moksa or nirvana represents escape from life rather than liberation to new life.
Aestheticians are emphatic in recognizing that the "taste" of freedom experienced in art is not the same as moksa (liberation) achieved through spiritual pursuit; the aesthetic experience is temporary and vicarious, while spiritual attainment is a more permanent condition that pervades one's entire existence.
Several empirical studies have used Miles and Snow's typology (1978) (Snow & Hrebiniak, 1980; Hambrick, 1983; Conant, Moksa & Burnett, 1989; Namiki, 1989; Smith, Guthrie & Chen, 1989; Tavakolian, 1989; Shortell & Zajac, 1990; Thomas, Litschert & Ramaswamy, 1991; Parry & Parry, 1992; Abernethy & Guthrie, 1994; Julien et al.
Although she knows that the swamiji's reputation is damaged by his visits to her, she is happy to discover that she can give him some release, or moksa, in the manner in which gopikas served Lord Krishna.
43) It is in the dharma, rather than the moksa or enlightenment texts, that Narayanan finds resources for a Hindu response to the contemporary need for positive practices in the face of the problems of ecology, population pressure, and excess consumption.
Moksa, a Platinum Canto Technology Partner, and Developer/Integrator, announced today that it will showcase the Vproof Integration for Cumulus application at the Createasphere conference in New York.
In addition to these locutions, the sutras occasionally use two other words to enjoin specific forms of behavior as dharma: kyema and nikfreyasa, words that sometimes refer to paradise, and sometimes to a good beyond paradise, that is, moksa or its equivalent.
Es fehlen noch Sprachennamen izsor, erze, moksa, enyec, szolkup ~ szelkup, sowie die Termini permi und volgai.
antecedent beliefs in kamma, samsara, and the possibility of moksa or
Enlightenment in Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta: Are Nirvana and Moksa the Same?
It is a discursive text containing enumerations on spirituality, origin of the cosmos and human beings, attainment of Moksa through Yoga and Samadhi, mysteries of creation, decreation and Avataras.
The Upanisads would be completely misunderstood if one remained on the level of the images and metaphors used, if one attempted to move in the hermeneutic circle without understanding the central point of moksa.
In this way they, and their audience will find the road to moksa, (salvation) in union with Brahman, 1.
Renaissance Micro and Moksa will be exhibiting at booth 306.
Tatjana Zirnask, Rohk ja kestus moksa keele Kesk-Vadi