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(Hinduism) release from the cycle of rebirth

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Eastern thinkers, on the contrary, tend to believe that a state of perfection is possible for human beings in this life, largely through their own efforts but only after many rebirths, many efforts at achieving moksa or nirvana.
2) Jaini (Gender 1) notes that the Digambara Jains "vehemently have insisted that one cannot attain moksa, emancipation of a soul from the cycles of birth and death (samsara), as a female.
As described in Indian literary theory, this experience is the nearest realization through theatre and the other arts of the Absolute or moksa (liberation).
Like much of Indian aesthetic speculation, rasa theory was inevitably linked with spiritual perspectives and examined in relation to the four aims of life recognized in Vedic philosophy--kama, artha, dharma, and moksa.
ascetic wisdom] Because many are the minds of great yogins [Among which] some, of flawless character, are intent upon moksa [i.
In a typical Korean Baptist church, regardless of its size, the congregation believes that the church cannot exist without a moksa (ordained pastor) or at least a jundosa (unordained pastor).
Ali Haydar Bayat, 'Turk Tip Tarihinde Akupunktur ve Moksa (Daglama) Tedavisi' (Treatment with moxa and acupuncture in the history of Turkish medicine), Tip Tarihi Arashtirmalari" (Istanbul), 3, 1989, pp.
What I want to achieve--what I have been striving and pining to achieve these thirty years--is self-realization, to see God face to face, to attain Moksa [liberation].
The first chakra, which is the beginning of our human existence, contains aspects of every desire or longing of life: physical, mental, psycho-spiritual and spiritual (kama, artha, dharma and moksa in Sanskrit).
Whoever cannot bear that karmic law any longer is left with the Gnostic option: Moksa -- not to construct the world via sacrifice but to escape it.
Several empirical studies have used Miles and Snow's typology (1978) (Snow & Hrebiniak, 1980; Hambrick, 1983; Conant, Moksa & Burnett, 1989; Namiki, 1989; Smith, Guthrie & Chen, 1989; Tavakolian, 1989; Shortell & Zajac, 1990; Thomas, Litschert & Ramaswamy, 1991; Parry & Parry, 1992; Abernethy & Guthrie, 1994; Julien et al.
Moreover, as Lee Kuan Yew argues, whereas South Asia excels at ideational or philosophical based systems, issues of growth have been less important - Allah, Nirvana and Moksa stand as the true goals.
Although she knows that the swamiji's reputation is damaged by his visits to her, she is happy to discover that she can give him some release, or moksa, in the manner in which gopikas served Lord Krishna.
43) It is in the dharma, rather than the moksa or enlightenment texts, that Narayanan finds resources for a Hindu response to the contemporary need for positive practices in the face of the problems of ecology, population pressure, and excess consumption.
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