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make (more) humid

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Avocado and jojoba oil soothes and moisturizes sensitive skin and face.
Aloetouch surgical gloves are an extension of the Aloetouch exam glove introduced 3 years ago to moisturize dried, chapped skin associated with frequent glove changes and hand washing.
This product will moisturize skin for up to two hours after application.
Step 4 Dry feet thoroughly, and follow up with a rich coat of moisturize, giving yourself a nice foot massage.
By using the Aloe Vera plant as its main ingredient, L'Bri's formulated skin care products moisturize, as well as help heal damaged skin tissue.
Moisturize twice daily with AmLactin for silky, smooth results.
These petroleum-based products both moisturize and protect against irritation by unwanted moisture, i.
Additionally, the combination of TAHITIAN NONI(R) Juice and grapefruit extract work together to give skin healthful antioxidants, as well as moisturize, calm and soothe while reducing excess oil in skin.
Find out what Japanese families have been using for to both moisturize and treat all types of skin conditions for 50 years, and request a free sample on www.
Many common, over-the-counter skin moisturizers are now water-based to make them lighter to apply and easy to absorb by the skin, but this water content within the product doesn't actually penetrate the skin's deeper layers and cannot moisturize the skin.
Key ingredients in the patented formula, including Ceramides and Panthenol, moisturize and help protect the skin's barrier to help prevent the recurrence of redness, irritation and extra dry skin.
The Jujube Salve Stick blends reparative and protective ingredients together to moisturize and nourish the lips and face.
Generations of Japanese families have used it to moisturize, heal and treat all their skin needs.