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in a damp manner


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Diced chicken breast and fresh spinach, moistly cooked with garlic, ginger and cumin and herbs and spices, the tastebuds were dancing all over the place
was the question on the lips of those faces still flushed by the previous night's booze, or was it just the wind gushing moistly across the river?
The use of cloud computing, which began moistly as an internal resource, has now also grown common between organisations and their partners and customers.
Heading for the base of a sycamore tree, I saw the first mushroom--elfin pockmarked, and moistly fresh--poking up through the dew-sprinkled grass.
But it wasn't a burning bush or a moistly mystic tear trickling down the chiselled cheek of a saintly effigy in a local church.
Could you say that she did first what no one has ever done better and mention plump brown legs, flat belly, hard little breasts, well holding arms, quick searching tongue, the flat eyes, the good taste of mouth, then uncomfortably, tightly sweetly, moistly, lovely, tightly, achingly, fully, finally, unendingly, never-endingly, never-to-endingly, suddenly ended, the great bird flown like an owl in the twilight.
And as Gail goes to blink moistly at her son, the truth is he's not missing much.
And who can forget the look of terror on our troubadour's face when the Beverly Sisters, frightening visions in pink, moistly engulfed him as they waved their OBEs?
You are a beautiful girl, a beautiful girl, he breathed moistly onto my face as his hands slid up and down, up and down.
Closely following allegations of "rampant" homosexuality in the male cloisters, we are told that bathing for monks "was permitted only as a complicated procedure in which concealing garments were never removed all at the same time, so that various body parts were never exposed, even to their owner, in one enticing expanse of moistly glistening flesh" (p.
Moistly heavy, rich, and an intriguing blend of sweet and tart, the cake is delicious.