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the act of making something slightly wet


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She turned aside quickly; her own eyes were moistening, and it was part of her character to be reluctant to let Isabel see it.
Bolder,' said Squeers, tucking up his wristbands, and moistening the palm of his right hand to get a good grip of the cane, 'you're an incorrigible young scoundrel, and as the last thrashing did you no good, we must see what another will do towards beating it out of you.
The Birgos is diurnal in its habits; but every night it is said to pay a visit to the sea, no doubt for the purpose of moistening its branchiae.
She stopped; her moistening eyes looked up imploringly in Launce's face.
I had originally closed the envelope in the usual way by moistening the adhesive point and pressing it on the paper beneath, and when I now tried it with my finger, after a lapse of full three-quarters of an hour, the envelope opened on the instant, without sticking or tearing.
who had entered with the hot chocolate) ran to a drawer, and returning with a bottle, sprinkled his master's dressing-gown and the bedding; and besides moistening the locksmith himself, plentifully, described a circle round about him on the carpet.
His head bent for a moment, as if under a weight, and he then looked up again, moistening his lips.
While these things were going on in the open air, an elderly gentleman of scientific attainments was seated in his library, two or three houses off, writing a philosophical treatise, and ever and anon moistening his clay and his labours with a glass of claret from a venerable-looking bottle which stood by his side.
Mr Codlin indeed required no such persuasion, as he had already eaten as much as he could possibly carry and was now moistening his clay with strong ale, whereof he took deep draughts with a silent relish and invited nobody to partake--thus again strongly indicating his misanthropical turn of mind.
After slightly moistening the mix, position the plant in the center of the pot, fill in around the soil ball firmly and water well.
To investigate the potential causes of a 30-year moistening trend in the upper troposphere, a region 3-7 miles above Earth's surface, Soden, UM Rosenstiel School researcher Eui-Seok Chung and colleagues measured water vapor in the upper troposphere collected by NO satellites and compared them to climate model predictions of water circulation between the ocean and atmosphere to determine whether observed changes in atmospheric water vapor could be explained by natural or human-made causes.
After the second or third try you should be sweating enough that no further moistening of the skin is required.
Ingredients: For the pasta: 200g strong white flour; 2 eggs; pinch of salt; 1tbsp milk, plus extra for moistening.
has introduced the Intensive Mixer, which can mix and disperse slurry, in addition to moistening, drying, heating, cooling and coating.
I am light refracting outward the eye, stinging and moistening as they speak miscegenation blues.