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Synonyms for moistener

a device that dampens or moistens something


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Propylene glycol: Used as a moistener, needed to blend reconstituted tobacco which makes up to 30 per cent of a cigarette.
But category leader Visine also performs well at Downeast - as does the retailer's own private label eye [TABULAR DATA OMITTED] moistener.
And there's licorice root, a flavorant and moistener that contains glycyrrhizic acid, which produces cancer-causing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons when burned.
This lemony chicken juice will be used as a moistener for the finished dish.
Envelope Moistener and Power Sealer - For one-step sealing and processing.
The Optimail 30 features a seven-pound integrated scale and moistener and can be upgraded to accommodate up to a 150 pound FP Mailing Solutions scale, if needed.