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Synonyms for moisten

Synonyms for moisten

to make moist

Synonyms for moisten

make moist

moisten with fine drops


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8 t, age 15 years designed to work with solarka EPOKE sprinkle with salt moistened and plow-sided PO-97 W - whole Salt spreader and plow is the property of the Employer.
Moistened with a little water or coconut milk, and heated in a toaster oven and served in the same manner as an English Muffin, with butter or marmalade.
DEVAP: Desiccant-Enhanced Evaporative Air-Conditioning operates on the same principle, but is indirect: Incoming air is in thermal contact with a moistened surface that evaporates the moisture into a separate air stream.
We found that the detainees used spoons, once the wall was moistened, to dig a hole," one of the warders said.
In the old days the sinew was moistened by drawing it through moist lips, but today is is highly recommend to moisten it in a small dish of water (Photo H).
There was also light in the darkness when a Roman soldier, hearing Jesus cry from the cross "I thirst (John 19:28)," took a sponge and moistened it and touched it to Jesus' lips.
The resourceful pioneers turned a nuisance into a solution after discovering the moistened clay acted as a good lubricant for squeaky wheels.
Plus, moistened gauze is much cheaper in the short term than the hydrocolloid dressings and vacuums that suck out wound fluid.
Sediment once moistened by marsh waters now blows about in dust storms.
To check viability, place 10 seeds on moistened paper towel on a plate, in a shaded, warm ( but not hot ( position.
If for some reason you can't get out and mulch your plants now, it's still worth doing it later on but do make sure that the soil is thoroughly moistened first.
I moistened the crystal and rubbed it on liberally, re-applying it faithfully whenever the patch of poison ivy on my skin felt the least bit itchy.
Moistened 600-[micro]g vaginal tablets of misoprostol offer the best combination of fast action and limited side effects in women undergoing medical abortion, according to Dr.