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Synonyms for moisten

Synonyms for moisten

to make moist

Synonyms for moisten

make moist

moisten with fine drops


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At the time that soil moisture content was reached at the 14-18% it was ready for seeding the wheat (Attila) seeds into the moisten soil.
Moisten edges with milk and cover with another strip of pasta.
To use the fiber as thread, moisten the fiber before using it to bind up something like an arrowhead, or for threading a needle for sewing.
Moisten the sponge with oxymetazoline and place it into the tonsillar fossa.
For wet-to-dry gauze dressings, used typically in debridement of wound beds, normal saline is used moisten the gauze, which is then covered with dry gauze or other dressings.
When you blink, your lacrimal (LAK-rih-mul) glands (eye part located under your eyelids that secretes tears) produce watery tears to moisten your eyes.
9% of the bacteria and most toxic chemicals in any liquid used to moisten the dehydrated victuals, according to an Internet report.
NOW I keep a deodorant crystal close at hand, moisten it and rub it on whenever the ivy rash is giving me fits.
If the top of the soil begins to dry out, moisten it gently--don't drench it.
In his first canvases, Ofili splashed patches of shiny varnish onto acrylic-covered canvases, mimicking the way elephants urinate onto their turds to mark and moisten their patch.
To create control swabs for the forensic laboratory, investigators should moisten two unused swabs, allow them to air-dry, and then package them with the evidence.
Water sparingly - just enough to moisten the compost but do not wet the nose of the bulb.
Some sandcastles will stand up when they're dry; that happens if the water used to moisten the sand contained salt or other minerals.
Kept moist, flowers can last a week or more (use a spray bottle to moisten the florist's foam every few days, if needed).
If this arrangement continues in coming years, it could moisten the northwestern and southeastern United States while it dries northern Mexico, says Barnett.