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Synonyms for moire

silk fabric with a wavy surface pattern

(of silk fabric) having a wavelike pattern


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During the image processing, a similar concentric-circle pattern is superimposed on the shadow and Moire fringes with spacing dependent on the incidence angle of a light beam are formed.
Talking about Moire effect he added, "Moire is an effect that occurs when two regular structures interfere and thus a new, third pattern is created.
The Moire technique is a method used for measuring deformations, topographic outlines, slopes, curvatures and general forms of objects (Sciammarella, 1982).
It is much easier to automate since the materials are solid; no mixing, de-airing or pouring; and no chance for rework due to foreign object intrusion, moire and/or air bubbles.
Cellnovo has created a subsidiary in France with an oce in Paris, where Mr Moire will be based and responsible for sales in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.
The variations described in a paper given by Wayne Tompkin of OVDK were a multitonal portrait and a Moire pattern, both for transmission viewing, and Kinegram[R] Antenna, a copper-coated version which is electronically readable.
Its ribbon consists of three equal vertical moire stripes of white, purple, and white.
Fringe patterns can be formed coherently using various interferometers and incoherently using the moire technique, but can also be designed in fringe projection profilometry.
Non-moire - The proprietary SANTE Nanoparticle Dispersion forms a random network pattern on the surface of the SANTE FS100-LR-1N film, thus overcoming moire issues.
Angela von Wietersheim, NBICs Manager: Innovation Marketplace encouraged participants to take part in moire programmes, including the Business Plan Competition currently running.
The sensor on the D7100 does not have the optical low pass filter (OLPF) which is generally used to minimise moire effect or scenes with repeating patterns.
The 'My Love' singer looked dapper in a black moire cocktail jacket and evening pants, which he teamed up with a silk bowtie and black and white loafers.
She plans to add pink taffeta, moire silks, lace curtains, velvet cushions and tiny tables, in silver and cranberry tones to the design of the patisserie.
The new release features new and improved auto adjustments to dynamically set values for exposure and contrast, as well as additional local adjustment controls including Noise Reduction, Moire and White Balance.