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Synonyms for moire

silk fabric with a wavy surface pattern

(of silk fabric) having a wavelike pattern


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3] include "off", which provides comparable effects to having no low-pass filter and is suitable when prioritizing resolution, "standard", which strikes a balance between resolution and removal of moire and color artifacts, and "high", which places more emphasis on reducing moire and artifacting.
It is much easier to automate since the materials are solid; no mixing, de-airing or pouring; and no chance for rework due to foreign object intrusion, moire and/or air bubbles.
Cellnovo has created a subsidiary in France with an oce in Paris, where Mr Moire will be based and responsible for sales in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.
Original colour filter array to control moire and false colour without an optical low pass filter 4x intelligent digital zoom (16X combined with optical zoom) 3" 920KA[degrees]dot premium LCD with 85Avertical and horizontal viewing angle In camera RAW converter BuiltA[degrees]in Super Intelligent Flash Full HD Movie
The 'My Love' singer looked dapper in a black moire cocktail jacket and evening pants, which he teamed up with a silk bowtie and black and white loafers.
She plans to add pink taffeta, moire silks, lace curtains, velvet cushions and tiny tables, in silver and cranberry tones to the design of the patisserie.
Twenty-five years ago, the Dorothy Perkins' 1986 Christmas range included this metallic moire suit which came in gold, sizes 10 to 14, made of "30% metallic and 70% viscose.
The six windfarms are Beinn Ghrideag Wind Farm , Sealladh na Beinne Moire, Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn , Horshader Community Development, Tolsta Community Development, and Barra and Vatersay Community Ltd.
Part II explains fundamental principles and techniques for metrology, in chapters on areas including propagation of light, interferometry, holography, speckle methods, and Moire metrology.
This is a wonderful book with many attachments that enable actual involvement in optical illusions: flip books for simulating movement; a pop-up stereoscope: a moire screen and many others.
A real-time projection moire warpage measurement system was used to measure the surface topology of assembly samples at different temperatures.
Isabella, 14, a pupil of Upton Convent School, is wearing an ivory silk moire dress with panels of embroidered pearls.
Atelier, including toile patterns, damask, moire and linen in neutrals and black and white.
To the south, pierced louvres and fritted glass are overlaid to create a moire pattern that admits a sparkle of natural light; to the north, diamond panes are silk-screened with foliage to evoke a forest, though nature should soon provide the real thing.
One of OBRA's principals Jennifer Lee said the mesh "created a certain level of shade to counteract sun in an outdoor environment and offered a moire effect with layering that was an added, incredible phenomenon.