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one of two (approximately) equal parts


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one of two basic subdivisions of a tribe

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From the results obtained, it has been observed that the adhesive formulations with aromatic isocyanate adduct shows lesser gel time as compared to formulations with aliphatic or cycloaliphatic isocyanate moiety.
EIMS showed prominent peaks at m/z 289 and 248 due to the loss of side chain and ring D fission, indicating the presence of two hydroxyl and one olefinic moiety in the steroidal nucleus, while other hydroxyl moiety in the side chain.
Users can now search DailyMed by unique ingredient identifier for an active ingredient and an active moiety.
However, skin permeation of a drug moiety from topical formulation is a multi-step process.
Here we present very rare case of duplex kidney with lower pole moiety renal cell adenocarcinoma of solid nature.
9,168,218 B2; L'Oreal has patented a composition that contains photoluminescent polymer (PLP), which is a polyester synthesized from a multifunctional monomer containing two carboxylic acid groups and a functional moiety comprising a carboxylic acid group or a hydroxyl group, and a diol.
For example, a pharmacophore model may determine that a hydrophobic region at a certain moiety is necessary for activity.
Intravenous pyelogram (IVP) demonstrated a duplicated collecting system on the left and a suspicious shadow which demonstrated probable right upper pole moiety with its proximal ureter (Fig.
Upon light absorbance, the retinal moiety induces a conformational change on the protein that opens a channel through which ions can pass.
Resonance assigned by 1H NMR and 13C NMR spectrum are shown in Table 1 shows pe presence of six mepine carbons C-1 to C-6 and one mepoxy moiety at C-3 (A 3.
The signalling moiety directs the bound drug to the cancer cell, thereby bypassing healthy cells, leading to improved efficacy with the potential for decreased side effects.
The significant structural difference between compounds 1 and 2 is the aldehyde group at position 28 instead of glucose moiety in compound 2 which may be responsible for the low activity of the compound.
The insertion at domain 3 protrudes into this channel and makes putative links with the aglycone moiety of docked lactose.
Hanmi's product would be the first non-innovator pharmaceutical product commercialized in the United States that contains the active moiety esomeprazole.
BNA is a six member bridged structure with a unique N-O bond in the sugar moiety.