modus vivendi

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a temporary accommodation of a disagreement between parties pending a permanent settlement

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a manner of living that reflects the person's values and attitudes

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When the dust of the revolution settled, Turkey and Iran again reached a modus vivendi to continue their good neighborly relations, without interfering in the other's internal affairs.
For this reviewer, the powerful ethical instincts behind a book such as this one come out when Vegel shares what he feels he owes to Titoism: education, of both a basic and a higher, intellectual kind; the opportunity for a real career instead of shoveling coal and working as a carter like his Hungarian relatives; an implicit modus vivendi among the region's ethnic and national groups; and travel and exposure to Europe.
It has just started featuring Cyprus and Modus Vivendi is one of its best finds of the year.
Negotiations between Bamako, Ansar ed-Dine and the Tuareq to establish a new modus vivendi will have to be resumed sooner or later.
El autores catedratico de Filosofia del Derecho en la Universidad d Barcelona, Espana, y en este sugestivo y delirante libro, nos presente el modus vivendi de ese tipo de estudiante universitario que se enfrenta por primera vez, en un aula de clases o seminarios, a la cultura academica de la docencia e investigacion cientifica.
Whether that development becomes a foundation to build on or a prelude to further destabilization" in Egypt "will depend on whether the military and Islamists can find a modus vivendi based on democratic principles," it said.
Second, Iran's role and position in the Middle East needs to be acknowledged and some sort of modus vivendi established over Iran's regional ambitions.
Modus Vivendi has produced one of the toughest South African mares of recent years in Dancewiththedevil, who took the Horse Chestnut Stakes, her fifth Group 1, at Turffontein on Saturday.
Israel, already a large-scale investor in Bulgaria, is determined to advance co-operation in all spheres and is enthusiastic about the superb modus vivendi established with Bulgaria, a fact that Israeli ambassador Noah Gal Gendler sees as attributable to not only historic factors but also the sterling work done by Prime Minister Boiko Borissov and Foreign Minister Nikolai Mladenov.
It's a somewhat reliable modus vivendi to keep the pretence of talking to a democratically elected regime without the fear - and one hopes this bit the Pak generals will ensure - of having the dialogue scuttled through adventurism of the kind seen in Kargil after A B Vajpayee took a bus ride to meet Nawaz Sharif in Lahore.
The initiative aims to reach a modus vivendi with the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) - ruling in Gaza Strip - and the Islamic Jihad Organization on the formation of a national unity government of independent figures, said Fatah's chief delegate Azzam Al-Ahmad.
Ignorante en asuntos de futbol, me quedo con la impresion de que la derrota es el modus vivendi del deporte mexicano.
Modus Vivendi Liberalism is ambitious, thoughtfully organized, and challenging, constructing a consistent and well-defended narrative characterized by a high level of rigor, and providing a model of probing philosophical argumentation.
En cuanto al margen de maniobra, se estudian las negociaciones del modus vivendi con la Republica que finalmente fueron desestimadas por la Santa Sede.
The viability of these different modus vivendi is, in keeping with Archer's theoretical approach, socially shaped rather than determined.