modulus of elasticity

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(physics) the ratio of the applied stress to the change in shape of an elastic body

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The value obtained by Equation 2 was defined as the modulus of resistance (MR) because it is not the modulus of elasticity in the elastic section or the modulus of rupture.
The variability of density, bending strength and modulus of elasticity were regular and spread out, the variation was not mainly in one or the other end of extreme and was not closely clustered.
Figure 4 shows a linear correlation between film strength and the square root of modulus of elasticity ([R.
Excessive heat-would expose the concrete to DEF (Delayed Ettringite Formation), produce thermal cracking, reduce the concrete ultimate strength and modulus of elasticity, he explained.
b], the modulus of elasticity E for bricks obtained from core boreholes sampled from historical masonry in the pore saturation state.
The value obtained from nanoindentation was used in a formula described by Oliver and Pharr [1992] to calculate the Young's Modulus of Elasticity of Dentine.
The cable equivalent modulus of elasticity combines both the effects of material and geometric deformation.
The modulus of elasticity and high tensile and flexural strength guarantee Trespa Meteon's high impact resistance, the company adds.
Series of experimental data stated here include tensile strength, compressive strength, and yield strength, modulus of elasticity, torsional strength and shear modulus, which can reflect the complex material behavior of femur bone.
They observed that the mass flow rate through the flexible short-tubes was strongly dependent on the modulus of elasticity of the material and on upstream pressure.
Alextra TS features increased stiffness, a low coefficient of thermal expansion (near that of fiber-reinforced plastic), high-temperature resistance, high modulus of elasticity, high heat-deflection temperature, dimensional stability, and low-temperature impact resistance.
Static methods of measuring modulus of elasticity can be applied to investigate the decrease in compressive strength of concrete induced by chemical factors with time.
Steam-cured CIPP shows typical gains of 20 to 25 percent in flexural modulus of elasticity," Kampbell said.
The slope of the graph in the linear behavior of this section is the modulus of elasticity of the film, which gives an idea of its rigidity: the more resistance it offers to deformation, the harder it is.