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Synonyms for mod

characteristic of recent times or informed of what is current

Synonyms for mod

relating to a recently developed fashion or style

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The MR - Modulo, in particular, offers an innovative concept of having the ability to be easily adjusted on-site and without the need for specific tools.
With these solutions and expertise, Modulo is driving the movement toward an integrated approach to managing IT and Enterprise Risk, harmonized with Operation Risk including Physical and Cyber Command and Control, for improved business visibility and decision making.
Em se observando o modulo da compreensao, no Modelo de Boersma (Fig1), pode ver-se, entao, que, tendo sido cumprido o nivel da percepcao, o que esta ocorrendo com o sistema de Lucia tem motivacao nos niveis fonologicos.
Note that (6) can be rewritten as [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] modulo [p.
Let n; d be positive integers, n > 1 and d|n: Then every reduced residue system modulo n can be divided into [phi](n)/[phi](d) reduced residue systems modulo d.
donde argmax regresa el numero de modulo que arrojo la mayor certidumbre de clase, y cc es el vector de certidumbres.
We prove the Lemma in different steps eliminating at each stage certain integers n modulo 2520 for which 24[Q.
Keywords: Modulo Prime Arithmetic, VHDL, Hardware Implementation, Diffusion, Pipelining, Parallel Execution
In [9], considering [10], the number of monochromatic Schur triples modulo n is given.
Under the musical direction of Agnes Grossmann, the cast included Jennifer Enns Modulo in the title role and soprano Iana Ivalinova as Clorinda.
In addition to a full characterization of its performance and error budget, a more accurate means is needed for the course determination of the capacitance value; routine measurement against the calculable capacitor only yields capacitance values modulo 1.
The new Volvo B12B, a new rear engine coach chassis from the "TX" platform, shares the stand with two other UK firsts - the launch of the Sunsudegui Sideral body on the Volvo B12M and the new Euro 3 specification Volvo B7R with new Jonckheere Modulo body.
The Modulo series offers lower cost and faster delivery, owing to standard components designed for a broad range of machine types and sizes.
Contract awarded for Lote n A 103 baEo marE[degrees]a laboratorio - cantidad: 3 / lote n A 143 autoclave 75lts - cantidad: 1 / lote n A 144 autoclave de vapor doble puerta - cantidad: 2 / lote n A 146 calentador de biberones - cantidad: 1 / lote n A 148 carro elevador rodante - cantidad: 2 / lote n A 150 estufa de cultivo - cantidad: 2 / lote n A 151 expendedor de fErmulas lEicteas - cantidad: 1 / lote n A 152 lavador de chatas - cantidad: 4 / lote n A 153 lavadora automEitica de material - cantidad: 4 / lote n A 155 modulo de dos estufas apiladas - cantidad: 1 / lote n A 156 modulo lavador y secador de biberones - cantidad: 1 / lote n A 157 procesador de fErmulas lEicteas - cantidad : 1
Auto Business News-November 1, 2013--Honda India to offer Modulo accessory pack for Amaze(C)1994-2013 ENPublishing - http://www.