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Synonyms for module

detachable compartment of a spacecraft

computer circuit consisting of an assembly of electronic components (as of computer hardware)

a self-contained component (unit or item) that is used in combination with other components

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After completing this module, students will receive a certificate of completion and 4.
An ExpressCard module may use one or both of the standard interfaces depending on the application requirements.
On the other hand, the module suffers in its attempt to cover a large quantity of material in a similar manner.
Module 4--Transition to a Drug-Free Environment, by Michael A.
Silicon Valley Solar announced today that they have finalized an agreement with ErSol that will ensure the supply of high efficiency cells to support the development and early production stages of the company's Sol-X2 internal concentrator solar modules.
The base plate is the support platform for the other modules and drive enclosure.
The success of these modules is a good example of how TriQuint is using its unique in-house process technologies, design skills and cooperative relationships to enable handset manufacturers to reduce circuit board area, while also reducing handset development time and increasing performance," said TriQuint Vice President for Handsets, Tim Dunn.
TriQuint's latest additions to its transmit module and power amplifier families complement a full line of GSM/EDGE and WCDMA products for present and next-generation wireless handsets as well as Bluetooth([R]) PAs and filters.
5mm3 modules integrating a duplexer and Tx interstage filter with a linear power amplifier - each optimized to major global geographic frequency bands.
We've had extensive meetings with a wide variety of solar industry leaders in Germany, and GSS came highly recommended as an ideal partner to produce our Sol-X modules," added Patrick Callinan, CEO of SV Solar.
Unigen has produced over a million WirelessUSB LS/LR and PSoC[R] modules for our customers and we have recognized WirelessUSB RF module expertise.
Ascent Solar and PermaCity Solar expect that the largest of the new designs will be three to four feet wide and nearly half a football field in length and that it should provide roughly ten times the power of the largest silicon module available in the market today.
16-bit ADC Module Extends Turbolinear(TM) Technology Portfolio -- Ideal for High-Speed and High-Performance Signal Processing in Communications and Industrial Applications
Comprehensive traffic analysis for IP-based networks, applications, and services including IP/MPLS, voice, and QoS through the Network Analysis Module 3.
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