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Synonyms for module

detachable compartment of a spacecraft

computer circuit consisting of an assembly of electronic components (as of computer hardware)

a self-contained component (unit or item) that is used in combination with other components

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Leading network collaboration with the ability to enforce rate-limiting on managed devices, multi-vector threat detection with ability to inspect IPv6, MPLS, GRE and SCADA network traffic, and other industry-leading intrusion prevention capabilities for the Intrusion Detection System Module 2 5.
Licensing and manufacturing services for the ArctiCore fully buffered memory module are now available to OEMs, memory semiconductor companies and third-party memory module manufacturers.
The HFBR-7934Z parallel optic transceiver module is compliant with the POP4 (Pluggable Optics four-channel) multi-source agreement, and combines an 850 nm VCSEL with custom laser-driver integrated circuitry.
These modules also offer a complete list of DSn, SONET, PDH and SDH test functions, allowing users to perform a wide range of tests, ranging from simple bit-error rate (BER) analysis to more advanced network characterization and troubleshooting procedures.
Each module appeals to issues of greatest concern to the handset designer and manufacturer," said Juergen Hartmann, TriQuint Product Marketing Manager.
TQM7M5003: quad-band GSM EDGE polar power amplifier module (PAM) that provides the market's best GSM/GPRS and EDGE efficiency for wireless (cellular) handsets in a footprint compatible with all major transceiver makers' designs.
Mainland China has more than 100 display module makers, mostly concentrated in the provinces of Guangdong and Jiangsu.
The DM1800 Module is a full function module that combines a transceiver, a microcontroller, input and output pins, and embedded software for wireless mesh networking.
As part of the second step, system and module manufacturers attend a compliance workshop for formal interoperability testing where tests are run to verify their products are interoperable with a range of ExpressCard modules or systems.
Overall, the module succeeds in consolidating broad-reaching material and providing an authoritative presentation on ARI.
Module 1--Effects Drugs Have on the Body, by Michael A.
Solar cells currently account for up to 75% of the total module cost, and with the current shortage of refined silicon, are a limiting factor on the total production of solar modules.
Table 56: Solar Photovoltaic Module Market, Taiwan, Thin Film Module Production Share, MW, 2012 137 Table 57: Solar Photovoltaic Module Market, India, Installed Capacity, MW, 2006-2020 141 Table 58: Solar Photovoltaic Module Market, India, Power Generation, GWh, 2006-2020 143 Table 59: Solar Photovoltaic Module Market, India, Average Module Price, $/W, 2006-2020 145 Table 60: Solar Photovoltaic Module Market, India, Market Size, $m, 2006-2020 147 Table 61: Solar Photovoltaic Module Market, India, Module Production, MW, 2006-2012 149 Table 62: Solar Photovoltaic Module Market, India, C-Si Module Production Share, MW, 2012 150 Table 63: Solar Photovoltaic Module Market, India, Power Generation (TWh), 2006-2020 151
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