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Synonyms for modulation

a musical passage moving from one key to another

(electronics) the transmission of a signal by using it to vary a carrier wave

a manner of speaking in which the loudness or pitch or tone of the voice is modified

the act of modifying or adjusting according to due measure and proportion (as with regard to artistic effect)

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I need not say that all my endeavours shall be directed to that end," Mr Verloc said, with convinced modulations in his conversational husky tone.
Little details gave each field a particular physiognomy, dear to the eyes that have looked on them from childhood: the pool in the corner where the grasses were dank and trees leaned whisperingly; the great oak shadowing a bare place in mid-pasture; the high bank where the ash-trees grew; the sudden slope of the old marl-pit making a red background for the burdock; the huddled roofs and ricks of the homestead without a traceable way of approach; the gray gate and fences against the depths of the bordering wood; and the stray hovel, its old, old thatch full of mossy hills and valleys with wondrous modulations of light and shadow such as we travel far to see in later life, and see larger, but not more beautiful.
The grave-like silence of the room with its mute clock fell upon the polite modulations of this terrible phrase.
In a companion to his 2014 Envelope Tracking Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communication, Wang introduces current load modulation radio frequency power amplifiers for next-generation wireless communication standards.
The innovative CLM feature enables analog, digital and dual-mode modulation for reliable stability throughout 0.
Next, the reconfigurations of the gate signals are presented for the discontinuous pulse width modulation (DPWM).
Deleuze's description of modulation can clearly be understood in terms of changing labour conditions: under Taylorism, workers worked according to strict codes and followed well-defined instructions in the factory; towards the 1980s, a new mode of control began to appear, which the French sociologist Philippe zarifian calls a 'control by modulation', which 'gave the worker a certain freedom to manage his time, displacement and a good number of his actions'.
Future chip-level optical interconnects require integrated optical modulators with stringent requirements for modulation efficiency and bandwidth as well as for footprint and thermal robustness.
The considered modulation formats are PAM 2 to 64 PSK 2 to 64 FSK 2 to 64 and QAM 2 to 64.
In [8], a deep experimental comparison between different modulation techniques for three-phase two levels Z-source inverter is discussed according to some aforementioned criteria.
to impose time-variant properties on conventional PCs) is to induce the movement of such a RI modulation along the x-axis.
This study investigated the effect of foot reflexology (FR) on the autonomie nervous modulation in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) by using heart rate variability analysis.
In binary modulation we can transmit only bit 0 or 1 per symbol where as in M-ary modulation we can transmit multiple symbols per bit .
This compromise submitted by the German EU Presidency foresees a complete change in the European Commission proposal - accepted by the latter - so as to limit the possibility of applying the voluntary modulation of direct aids to the two member states - the UK and Portugal - who wish to apply it.
A PLL frequency synthesizer can be simply frequency modulated by injecting the modulation signal [V.