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Synonyms for modulation

a musical passage moving from one key to another

(electronics) the transmission of a signal by using it to vary a carrier wave

a manner of speaking in which the loudness or pitch or tone of the voice is modified

the act of modifying or adjusting according to due measure and proportion (as with regard to artistic effect)

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Meantime, she exultingly seated herself at the piano, and favoured him with two of his favourite songs, in such superior style that even I soon lost my anger in admiration, and listened with a sort of gloomy pleasure to the skilful modulations of her full-toned and powerful voice, so judiciously aided by her rounded and spirited touch; and while my ears drank in the sound, my eyes rested on the face of her principal auditor, and derived an equal or superior delight from the contemplation of his speaking countenance, as he stood beside her - that eye and brow lighted up with keen enthusiasm, and that sweet smile passing and appearing like gleams of sunshine on an April day.
I need not say that all my endeavours shall be directed to that end," Mr Verloc said, with convinced modulations in his conversational husky tone.
The grave-like silence of the room with its mute clock fell upon the polite modulations of this terrible phrase.
Supply of three-phase electricity meters for indirect connection to the PLC modem S-FSK modulation.
Analog Modulation TSG4100A signal generators offer a wide variety of modulation capabilities.
This study investigated the effect of foot reflexology (FR) on the autonomie nervous modulation in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) by using heart rate variability analysis.
Mr Davies had asked a series of questions after receiving complaints from farmers, including: # How much of the anticipated modulation total raised in the current financial year is it anticipated will be spent, and on what will it be spent?
The voice is being used to generate a complex modulation onto an analog carrier.
The modulation concept was tested on the NIST cesium fountain clock, NIST-F1, and found to work so well that it has become the preferred mode of operation.
Typical applications for the RF2485 include digital and spread spectrum systems; GMSK, QPSK, DQPSK and QAM modulation; private mobile radio and TETRA systems; AM, SSB, DSB modulation and image-reject up-converters.
Modulation is a process of mixing a low frequency information and high frequency carrier through a nonlinear device.
Internal modulation means switching the light source on and off 4 billion times a second.
Agilent used today's most advanced integrated circuit technology to create the first optical modulation analyzer in the form factor of a mid-size oscilloscope.
With QAM modulation, a method of digital modulation, transmission capacity increases with the number of bits assigned per modulation (per symbol), and also the number of symbols sent per second.
As allocated by the FCC for 220 MHz equipment, linear modulation (LM) utilizes 5 KHz bandwidths, compared to 25 KHz for current trunking systems.