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Synonyms for mod

characteristic of recent times or informed of what is current

Synonyms for mod

relating to a recently developed fashion or style

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Modly and Brinkley recently drafted a long-term blueprint to begin a slow but sure consolidation of disparate computer systems within the military services and the Defense Department, so that eventually coherent information can be generated relatively smoothly.
When Modly sees that information, she asks one of her connections if they would provide an introduction to the other person.
At Professional Development Institute PDI) 2005, my colleague Tom Modly spoke about the challenges of business and financial management transformation and how the Department of Defense (DoD) planned to overcome these challenges through focused priorities that will deliver tangible business improvements.
11:30 am, Tuesday, March 7 Paul Brinkley, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Business Transformation (AT&L), and Thomas Modly, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Financial Management (Comptroller) will talk about how the Department of Defense is transforming business processes 11:30 am, Tuesday, March 7 Karen Evans, Administrator, E-Government and Information Technology, will lead a panel discussion to explore the challenges and opportunities government faces in meeting mandates such as Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12, addressing identity management requirements for government and citizens.
Thomas Modly, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Financial Management, issued both a salute and a challenge to attendees, saying that the work of the Department of Defense financial management community embodies the enduring strength of the United States Armed Forces.
Brinkley and Modly will discuss the need for dramatic transformation within DoD in the face of globalization, the threat of terrorism, new technology and the sheer magnitude of DoD's mission.