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Synonyms for mod

characteristic of recent times or informed of what is current

Synonyms for mod

relating to a recently developed fashion or style

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Modly committed to achieving the Navys 355-ship requirement without hedging or equivocation.
Says Modly of the insurance companies, "They give the beneficiary what looks like a normal checkbook and instruct them to write a 'check' to themselves whenever they want to access some or all of the money.
Tom Modly and Paul Brinkley (co-directors of the BTA) agreed that IM, among other strategic activities, should spend the next 12 months developing, testing, and institutionalizing proven concepts to improve acquisition management process outcomes.
As part of the "business transformation" effort, the intent is to make the audit less cumbersome and error prone, says Thomas Modly, deputy undersecretary of defense for financial management, who oversees reform efforts along with Brinkley.
Ilona Modly Hogan, a former Frederick County, MD, commissioner with expertise in international and real estate issues, has been appointed to serve as Global Program manager for right-of-way and site acquisition for Bechtel Telecommunications' network development projects.
Presenters include the agency's top leadership with Thomas Modly, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Financial Management, and Mr.
Natalie Modly and Shannon Williams scored three times each and Oregon snapped a two-game losing streak with a 15-5 win against California on Friday on Mountain Pacific Sports Federation women's lacrosse action.
Helen Modly, CFP, ChFC, executive vice president with Focus Wealth Management Ltd.