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This brings me to my third and final question: Will evolutionary literary analysis place the study of literature on a new scientific footing which will allow the discipline to accumulate findings that consign alleged theoretical modishness to the darkness?
Of course, had he pursued all these this study would have run to three volumes; but still a thought such as "[Liszt's] modernity had an element of modishness in it" (p.
At the center of this augmented public space, we find a fusional individual acting according to the dictates of modishness as interpreted and delivered by way of marketing campaigns.
The novel has another, diachronic pertinence in that the author, by both describing and himself embodying a high degree of modishness, scrutinizes the fleeting, visual moment through the prism of long-term projects such as literary history, corporate tradition, or political ideologies.
But while green has become an established choice on the North American automotive palette, its modishness will decline as blue's popularity increases and a new color category called teal emerges, Burrell added.
Another, more material and sustained retort to the glamorous conspiracy of fashion and stage came from the suffragettes who mounted their own 'theatrical proselytising' on stage and in the movement's press, promoting a political modishness of smart but sexually muted dress that challenged gender stereotypes and caricatures of the 'unnatural' New Woman.
Plus a timely antidote to the resurgent modishness of the primordial Euro-Goddess.
At least, so says Professor Said, one of the saints of the Cult of Otherness, who writes in an article published last month: "The word |Other~ has acquired a sheen of modishness that has become extremely objectionable.
Such modishness was, in fact, another point of criticism.
The music critics of the time, however, condemned him for superficial effect-seeking modishness.
Schulenberg's exposition has the virtue of being up to date without any trace of mere modishness.
Even so brief a survey should remind us of the modishness of our critical vocabularies.
But if you go into the gallery itself right now and look at the room containing its eight or nine most recent acquisitions, you will find modishness and Blairishness alive and well.