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Tomson, (8) in an 1891 "Spring Wear" piece in the Scots Observer, advises readers to be the authors of their own fashions, "but so gracefully and unpretentiously as to achieve that Golden Mean between modishness and originality wherein abides the secret of successful choices" (1891, 429).
Just thought I'd mention it for the elucidation of anyone suffering from an attack of modishness who is tempted to muck about with the race.
The cabin shows an equal preference for maturity over modishness, with a considerably more conventional dash design that, were it to come from VW, wouldn't raise an eyebrow, though the oval face-level vents take Ford branding to subliminal levels of subtlety.
And, finally, will it place the study of literature on a new scientific footing which will allow the discipline to accumulate secure findings that consign theoretical modishness to the darkness?
Well into the proceedings, Clowes' screenplay appears finally to decide what it wants to be about--the modishness and hypocrisy of the art world and the questionable value of study and schooling as an avenue to artistic self-expression.
Yet in matters of culture and the arts, the Times adds another dimension of depredation--we mean the element, half preposterous, half nauseating--of unthinking modishness.
Despite its modishness, counterfactual history has quite a pedigree, leading all the way back to Cleopatra's nose.
But striking too is his modishness, his marked responsiveness to the latest ideas and intellectual trends, evident especially because many of his essays take the form of reviews of recently published works.
Of course, had he pursued all these this study would have run to three volumes; but still a thought such as "[Liszt's] modernity had an element of modishness in it" (p.
At the center of this augmented public space, we find a fusional individual acting according to the dictates of modishness as interpreted and delivered by way of marketing campaigns.
It is difficult to resist the conclusion that this curious choice of the word "empire" as a name for these patterns of globalization reflects the new modishness of empire as a subject--as witnessed by the number of books now appearing on this theme.
Amidst the mass of studies which utilize Bakhtin, many, as the editors claim, are, at their worst, "banal and de trop, while even at their best they can sometimes make accusations of theoretical modishness difficult to deflect" (10).
I want to whip the idea back into its rather modest place, after so much hype and modishness, and recall that, of the huge problems now confronting humanity, hardly any are 'cultural' in any very exact sense of the word.
The novel has another, diachronic pertinence in that the author, by both describing and himself embodying a high degree of modishness, scrutinizes the fleeting, visual moment through the prism of long-term projects such as literary history, corporate tradition, or political ideologies.
The modishness and unreliability of this particular history of criticism and its exploitative and occasionally extremist character are clearly brought out by the summaries that make up the substantive and the most productive part of the volume.