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the central conical bony pillar of the cochlea

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The mussel Modiolus capax offers the potential to develop a sustainable aquaculture industry based on the use of edible native resources.
Las especies exclusivas en cada uno de estos ensambles se caracterizan por ocupar habitats altamente dinamicos, definidos por fuertes corrientes de marea, como las lapas del genero Crucybulum, los mejillones del genero Modiolus y las estrellas serpientes del genero Ophiura, organismos dominantes en el A; o para el caso de los organismos exclusivos del ensamble B como las galletas de mar del genero Dendraster, las almejas del genero Tellina y el camaroncito del genero Neomysis, son especies que habitan la capa limite del fondo marino, formada por la interaccion del flujo de la corriente oceanica y el sustrato duro de los canales principales.
Type II--a cochlea with a normal basal turn and basal modiolus while the second and apical turns form a cystic space which lacks interscalar septae; the vestibule is minimally dilated; enlargement of the endolymphatic duct and sac is present.
In addition the joint venture is also considering other additional appraisal, development and exploration drilling locations within the existing Modiolus 3D seismic.
Gervilleia joleaudi Schmidt, Leptochondria alberti (Goldfuss), Modiolus myoconchaeformis (Philippi), Pseudocorbula gregaria (Munster), Pleuromya elongata (Schlotheim), Costatoria kiliani (Schmidt), Neoschyzodus laevigatus (Goldfuss), Bakevellia costata (Schlotheim),"Enatiostreon"cf.
From a total of 14 geological sediment provinces recognized in the Bay of Fundy only five: sand with bioherms, gravel/cobble, gravel/scallop bed, mottled gravel and glacio-marine mud were found to have significant populations of the horse mussel, Modiolus modiolus.
The 332km2 Modiolus exploration 3D seismic survey was acquired to the west of the permit.
Another species that helps define the dissimilarity between disturbed and undisturbed areas at deep sites is the horse mussel Modiolus modiolus, which is a long-lived, thin-shelled bivalve that is known to be sensitive to bottom fishing (Bradshaw et al.
Another study described the results of implanting six electrodes into the modiolus of the cochlea in a patient with complete perceptive deafness [7-8].
Genus Modiolus Lamarck, 1799 Subgenus Modiolus Lamarck, 1799 Modiolus (Modiolus) fountainensis Weller, 1916 (Fig.