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To support the modifying gene hypothesis, Gelertner reasoned, the empirical evidence would have to show the largest prevalence of the A1 allele in the most severe groups of alcoholics, which all studies showed, followed by the second largest prevalence in the control groups, which all studies showed, and the lowest prevalence in the less severe alcoholics since the less severe group would have to not have the A1 allele or by definition, they would be in the severe alcoholism group.
et al: The Dopamine D2 Receptor Locus as a Modifying Gene in Neuropsychiatric Disorders.
A controversial paper about modifying genes in fertilized human eggs raised some serious ethical concerns.
Fortunately, the new technique caught the attention of other research groups on modifying genes easily.
Pappo pointed out that the researchers are seeking more detailed tumor location and radiotherapy exposure data and that the study lacked data on factors known to contribute to melanoma such as sun exposure, number of nevi, and modifying genes.
So modifying genes could be totally unpredictable and could have catastrophic effects.