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capable of being modified in form or character or strength (especially by making less extreme)


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In terms of policy responses, modifiable risk factors are the most amenable to change and have the highest impact on individuals.
The absolute risk model developed in this study could help clinicians make decisions about implementing interventions to reduce a patient's exposure to modifiable risk factors, thereby reducing their absolute risk of breast cancer," wrote Dr.
According to researchers, the model predicted that changes in the more modifiable risk factors would reduce the absolute risk of developing breast cancer by quantifiable amounts.
The test takes a few minutes and does not require any fasting or appointment scheduling but to keep your bones as healthy as possible take note of the modifiable factors listed above and take action now.
Most risk factors for early childhood overweight, including parental overweight and maternal smoking during pregnancy, are modifiable or would allow at-risk groups to be identified, such as lone mothers or overweight women early in pregnancy.
User modifiable lists are provided that allow the customer to view and control all process variables.
The UA material is based on a copolymer of polystyrene and polyisobutylene, called SIBS, which features modifiable triblock morphology.
The important risk factors for heart disease that women can actually do something about - which Mr Stables calls modifiable - are:
Examples of cancer prevention and control research and mentoring activities supported by this funding opportunity include, bur are not limited to, the following areas: 1) the identification of modifiable risk factors for cancer, such as nutrient intake, exercise, exposure to carcinogens, or behavioral lifestyle factors; 2) molecular epidemiology, to identify allelic variants in genes in relation to cancer incidence or course; 3) studies of interactions of genetic and endogenous factors (e.
The modifiable JBAIDS will continue to evolve over the next several years.
A recent study suggests that some of these symptoms may be associated with modifiable lifestyle factors.
Each offered recipe is designed to be adaptible to the user's need, as well as speedy to learn and apply, and the list of recommended "best practices" such as "Do not use wild cards in Ant scripts" and "Prefer classes over interfaces to store constants" will keep one's code legible and easily modifiable to co-workers, assistants or successors.
PHILADELPHIA -- Smoking and inadequate weight gain are modifiable risk factors in fetal growth-restricted twin pregnancies, Dr.
They said: "It could offer one of the few modifiable avenues for preventing this disease.
To identify new and potentially modifiable factors associated with HSV-2 infection in women, researchers conducted a study among gynecologic patients at three Pittsburgh-area health clinics during 1998-2000.