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Synonyms for modicum

Synonyms for modicum

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a small or moderate or token amount

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The risks for a hospital are financially high and probably won't bear fruit in a highly adversarial environment where at least a modicum of trust and a track record of physician-friendly decisions aren't present.
Still, even a modicum of school choice and competition can boost student test scores, especially when combined with a comprehensive examination system for high-school graduates, says Ludger Woessmann, whose systematic, sophisticated analyses of international test-score data best summarize what can be learned from abroad.
I welcome Dr Gani and his family to this country and hope Whitehall bureaucrats can apply a modicum of common sense and stop this lunacy.
A rape date scenario does ease Alex's efforts, but also adds a modicum of reality to the mix that will have readers also wonder about paranormal intervention attempting to prevent the abduction and selling of young females.
Even if the machine only springs into action in good times, it will always require some modicum of maintenance, which means that it is costing real money in manpower, spares etc, as well as taking up space.
If the Khartoum government can maintain a modicum of control over the Janjaweed, the Bush Administration will get what it wants, too: an apparent diplomatic success at modest cost.
Even the most scornful Welshman can feel a modicum of sympathy for the English people who must now employ a cast-off Scandinavian to manage its limp excuse for a football team
My goal has always been material disorientation, so that one discovers that the image, the work, banal as it is, contains a modicum of wonder.
This seeming hypocrisy ought to invite at least a modicum of criticism.
AS A HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER WITH a modicum of computer experience (going back to C prompts), I am keenly aware of the limitations of technology, I too have suffered considerably at the hands of PowerPoint presentations that were long on time and short on import.
They me currently enjoying a modicum of fame due to their appearance in the Tarantino film Kill Bill (in which they play "Woo Hoo.
He knows and admits that all the European colonizing nations advanced similar fictions to afford themselves a modicum of legitimacy for their theft until they could do as they pleased without even a pretense of law.
Some might say Les Ferdinand did his utmost to ensure that Leicester recovered a modicum of lost pride but it's a fair assumption that his love of NUFC would have inspired him to help keep one of our challengers at bay with his winner yesterday.
And I write with a modicum of detachment as a Welshman, albeit a thoroughly Anglicized one.
Though readers may feel a modicum of sympathy or compassion for the characters, the plight of John and Connie becomes somewhat redundant.