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Synonyms for modicum

Synonyms for modicum

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a small or moderate or token amount

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CUTLINE: Douglas High School juniors, from left, Zach Modica, Jon Deery and Ethan Girard visited Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems March 11 as part of the school's job shadowing program.
Relief pitcher Greg Modica walked Bernard Gonzalez to open the seventh, and Gonzalez later stole second and scored on a double by Oscar Materano.
George's Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, and designed and developed by Jonathan Modica of Nutmeg Education, the MOOC covers all global health issues that require human and veterinary applications for solutions.
Lugo's pitching staff will look similar to last year's group as Geoff Jones, Marc Dulkowski, Greg Modica, Darwin Soto and Zach Wykoff all return.
Modica also said that the caller claimed he received his killing orders before Bullock's husband James's affair with McGee came to light, reports the Sun.
The contributors to the volume, first and foremost Kevin Di Modica, are not just content to present the assemblages but integrate their findings into a wider context.
Dr Charles Modica launched St George's University on the island of Grenada 33 years ago.
Confessions of an Event Planner reveals the business world of Dena Marie Modica, Director of Sales and Marketing for Solera Restaurant and Event Center, via interviews and behind-the scenes footage.
While patrolling during a holiday season, Officers Peter Kiesheuer and Luigi Modica of the Suffolk County, New York, Police Department saw a residence on fire.
Two new species of wolf spiders in the Pardosa modica group (Araneae, Lycosidae) are described from North America: P.
Jon Jameson, President and CEO of MaggieMoo's International LLC, America's Best Ice Cream, and HMSHost Senior Vice President Vince Modica have announced a mutual licensing agreement to develop airport and travel plaza locations, and the addition of MaggieMoo's to the HMSHost portfolio of world class brands.
Myers International Airport in Florida and two more locations are in the development phase for Jacksonville, FL and Charlotte, NC Douglas International Airport, in announcing the agreement, BMSHost Senior Vice President Vince Modica said: "HMSHost only offers the highest quality products and brands in our airport and travel locations, and we are proud to add MaggieMoo's to our brand portfolio.
Tom Modica, Long Beach manager of government affairs, said city officials were told that about $1.
Just think of the greatness of the famed Italian sculptor Arturo Di Modica using two years of his time and $300,000 of his own money not only to sculpt Charging Bull as a symbol of hope for American capitalism, but also to donate it to the City of New York.
Unlike photographers who wield 35 mm cameras to sweep in and capture moments as they find them, Modica uses a bulky 8 X 10 tripod camera that requires considerable time to set up.