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Synonyms for modesty

Synonyms for modesty

lack of vanity or self-importance

reserve in speech, behavior, or dress

Synonyms for modesty

freedom from vanity or conceit

formality and propriety of manner

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Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty.
Prosecutors charged the suspect with molesting the woman and breaching her modesty.
Modesty is central to Islamic life (Padela & Rodriguez del Pozo, 2011).
Ceremonies were held highlighting the different aspects of Islamic civilization and culture, Islamic values and modesty and training workshops were organized to enlighten the youths on Islamic values.
Secularity, Shopping and Social Status through Appearance," includes three chapters: "Denim--The Modesty of Clothing and the Immodesty of Religion," by Daniel Miller; "Modest Motivations: Religious and Secular Contestation in the Fashion Field," by Jane Cameron; and "Can We Discuss This?
Rossi said: "I sometimes get nervous before going on stage, but walking out in front of Bryan Adams with just a guitar to protect my modesty took some doing; expect he was scared too.
Top made with 25mm Thick pre-pariide Board having PVC edge binding with 2mm liping 25mm (hid; gable end aid 18mm thick prelam board modesty panel (make -
The trio allegedly breached the victim's modesty by filming him with a mobile phone after pulling his trousers down.
RiRi finally used a towel to belatedly cover her modesty for the shoot for Vogue on an island in Angra dos Reis.
Where is the modesty that Nasrallah claimed in accepting the 9-9-6 cabinet formula in Lebanon, even though he imposed this formula, after dominating the situation on the ground in Lebanon?
Modesty bags are a small step in the right direction to protect kids from stuff only adults should see.
But there is one pseudo-contentious issue that I find myself delving into more and more: modesty.
The crime categories include honour killing, forced marriage, offences relating to marriage, rape, attack on modesty and insult of modesty through word, gesture or act.
On one hand, modesty about one's education is wise and appropriate.