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Synonyms for modesty

Synonyms for modesty

lack of vanity or self-importance

reserve in speech, behavior, or dress

Synonyms for modesty

freedom from vanity or conceit

formality and propriety of manner

References in classic literature ?
Pierre's modesty made him correct himself) "to live for others, only now have I understood all the happiness of life.
With what an engaging modesty she pulled down the blinds of the chariot--the dear innocent
Perhaps it had been only Billy's modesty that made him say he had quit fighting.
Modesty, if one may trust to the verdict of the mass of mankind, is a good quality.
The modesty of the short stretch of West Twenty-first Street near Tenth Avenue was well matched by the artist's straightforward presentation, which, despite the relatively sophisticated electronic gadgetry, downplayed technical wizardry in favor of a slow process of immersion into the local ambience.
In these presentations, we have been made aware of the horrors of war, the pain, the suffering and the dying but also the great humility and modesty of our men and women in uniform.
Yet the Speer precedent could not be ignored; a respectable modesty was required, but not the underemphasized gentility of the present Bonn building.
One of the virtues opposing it is modesty, as explained in the Catholic Catechism:
Millions of surgical patients each year are clad in gapping, ill-fitting gowns that can compromise their modesty and do little to warm them in chilly pre- and post-operative environments.
He is not so far from an abstract painter like Bill Jensen, though the innate modesty of his work makes him seem more out of the way.
If you're looking for modesty, you've come to the wrong guy.
In regarding this chair, you cannot but be reminded of the persistence of the Calvinist spirit that informed Vermeer and de Hooch, that valued lack of conceit and the beauty inherent in modesty and descriptive honesty.
One candid image sees her wearing just a strapless bra while protecting her modesty with a swan figurine.
Achieving a shabby, slacker art-student poignancy, Pylypchuk presents his emotional and material modesty rather grandly, on the heroic scale one expects from art executed with a paintbrush rather than a glue gun.
The roles of modesty and rhetoric, the building as thing, Celsing's ability to connect grand themes to a vigorous concern for fabrication -- are the subject of this elegant book, and in particular Wilfried Wang's essay.