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Synonyms for modernize

Synonyms for modernize

to make modern in appearance or style


Synonyms for modernize

make repairs, renovations, revisions or adjustments to

become technologically advanced

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A[cedilla] Modernize 0,4 kV power distribution substations.
But after a recent US decision to modernize these weapons, securing their removal may become more difficult.
If the NAIC steps up and says there are efficiencies that can be gained, state regulation is where it belongs and we can modernize it to the point that we can share those efficiencies with everybody, including policyholders, taxpayers and businesses, then I believe state regulation is here to stay for another 130 years.
In other words, the state modernizes the Arabs but they should not develop a national identification
10) Ferguson and Weller decided to modernize the text but to also supply endnotes which, in the case of Mariam, "foregrounded the whole process of (re)constructing a seventeenth-century text for modern readers" (49).
The blanace will be spent to modernize terry manufacturing facilities.
Rubin said bills introduced in the House and the Senate to modernize the financial services system were highly constructive, although somewhat different from the Clinton administration's recommendations, and that a bipartisan effort could yield significant results this year.
GE Transportation, Locorail and Yakutia Railways in Russia announced today that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore the possibility of forming a strategic relationship to modernize diesel electric locomotives.
Modernize site infrastructure to support functionality and minimize maintenance and operations cost
Bulgaria's Defense Ministry has come up with a new scheme to modernize some of the helicopters of the Bulgarian Air Force.
Other legislators in Washington and Sacramento said Monday that the federal government needs to modernize and expand its air-tanker firefighting fleet, following California's example.
By making our extend technologies available first on VAX/VMS, then on AlphaServer systems running OpenVMS and now on HP Integrity servers running OpenVMS, enterprise customers have a low-cost, low-risk way to quickly and painlessly modernize their trusted business-critical systems.
recently embarked on a significant program to improve and modernize the eight elevators at 550 Broad Street, a 282,000-square loot signature office tower in Newark.
State insurance commissioners have advanced a model law to modernize commercial rate and form filings, with final approval possible in the spring.
As the initial reviews of countries' abilities and plans for civil/military airspace management came to completion, it became apparent that all the countries wished to modernize their airspace management along certain core concepts.
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