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Synonyms for modernism

genre of art and literature that makes a self-conscious break with previous genres

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the quality of being current or of the present

practices typical of contemporary life or thought

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The intention of the foregoing cataloging, incidentally, is not to undertake a cryptically ominous Cook's tour of Eliot's middle career as a poet and critic so much as to illustrate that there was always something suspiciously spiritual lurking in the corners of Eliot's most modernistically iconoclastic verse, somewhat like the yellow smoke that lurks in drains.
During Tony's trip to Brazil, Hetton "is modernistically vandalized by Bauhaus glass and chrome" (436).
Though Huber's figures and forms are much more modernistically bulbous than drolly urbane (they somehow evoke the retro-virtual characters of Frances Stark's video smash My Best Thing, 2011), their tone is one of wit, intelligence, deeply felt humanity, and an oceanic reserve of stories.
Janacek retained only the minimum from Capek's extensive philosophising, but this was clearly to the benefit of an opera that is modernistically tight and brisk.
From the mid-fifteenth century on, the rulers of Brandenburg situated their residences in Colln, a tradition extending well beyond the Hohenzollern to the leaders of the German Democratic Republic, who demolished the handsome Baroque Stadtschloss (town palace) and erected in its place their modernistically ugly Palast der Republik (which is still held in sentimental memory by many former East Berliners).